Saturday, July 05, 2008

I am so SMART for a mom

Just a quickie to say "HI". Lets see, I spent yesterday on my hands and knees scrubbing the clean kitchen floor. Don't ask. I had a stupid moment! No, really I did. I wanted to do the corners and edges (where the swipper wet jet just don't get to well) and I didn't want to really work to hard… Um… See where this is going? I sprayed the edges and corners with a bleach based spray and took a quick shower. I mean a quickie, one where you wash your pits and butt because you've already taken a shower your just sweaty and well… things got to be in order (even if they are out of order)… anyway… maybe five minutes or seven minutes tops in the shower. I go to wipe out the dirt from the edges and notice… a white halo around the kitchen. Well damn. So, to make the floor match I had to spray this chemical on the entire floor and scrub it with a scrub brush on my knees. IT SUCKED. BUT… here is where I have humor and my children just don't…

Amanda- "Mommy, whatcha doing?"

Me,-" Oh, I'm playing Cinderella, wanna help me?"

Amanda… gets down on her knees and looks around, puts her hand in the bucket, smells it, looks at me like I beat her with a wet noodle, "Um, Mommy?"

Me= "Yea?"

Amanda- "This is not the part of Cinderella I wanna play!"

Gee thanks

Me, "Awww that's OK hunny, I know, I was just teasing.":


But it was a good one, right?


Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! Love her answer! Don't think I wanna help ya either!

7/8/08, 2:42 AM  

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