Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Welcome to MY 234th post… or something like that

i Buenas Tardes ! And Hello! Am I excited? Uth – no. LOL, but everyone else (and this is not a bad thing, just not something I've ever really thought about) is getting on this bandwagon on blogaverseries and grand number of posts and … well… I am at 234 post's and I don't know how long I've been doing this because I am tooooooo lazy to go back to post one and look. PHEW. That took a lot out of me, guess I will go to bed tomorrow! I mean NOW. OH HECK!

I am tired. Both mentally and physically and I realized today that next week is the last week of classes for this semester. Well, then we have a week of tests. :O

Where'd the time go?

Bio – um.. lets not go there, American gvt – um lets not go there either, Computer class- doing well, Statistics – failing but failing with grace style and learning as I fail! Honest. I am learning off of my bombed exams. Like this last test, I got a 37. How about them apples. But..But… least I shall defend that grade… I know why. I have sat here for three hours, I spent about 3 hours at the school going over it, and the review of the exam in class. Give me the test now, HAHAHA, I bet I get at least an 80. But it don't work like that. But, we do get one more test and the final. Sadly I don't care about the other classes. I mean, I do, I want to pass and I want to do well, but I want to get statistics. Does that make sense? If Algebra made me think mathematicians were insane, why the heck do I like this class. I mean, it is just complicated Algebra!

Oh well. I'll prolly fail it but I will fail it kicking and screaming!

Anything else going on? I have some 4th of July photo's, well video's from the camera, to post, I just havn't had time to download them from the camera. Camera has faithfully gone with me to school everyday with the SD memory card and reader, and has faithfully come home everyday. J No time. OH,,,, I could be doing that instead of posting you say. MMMHMM. But the camera is WHHHHAy over there and I am in bed with the laptop and baby and statistics book and notebook and calculator…bed kinda crowded… guess I have to kick the baby out (JUST KIDDING)… and I don't feel like getting up and getting the said … blah..blah..blah.

Nothing new to post on my cousins' grandkids. I don't think I will post anymore about them unless I get custody of them. I am just sick about the whole 9 yards of that ordeal.

OH and we got blueberries. I got a photo of them too. I ate three handfuls on my way to school this morning and then two more just for measure.

Manny has completed almost everything on her summer to-do list. The only things left are Wild Adventures (.net) and the Atlanta Zoo.

We went grocery shopping last night and it took almost 4 hours between the farmers market and the grocery store. I left school and all I wanted to do was come home and take a painpill and go to bed. But then, I'm fat and we didn't have any groceries in the house… so, the belly won. WE GOT    home at 9:30 pm ish, and by the time I got the groceries in, kids bathed, groceries put away, me bathed, kids to bed, me to bed, it was almost midnight. That is when I took three pain pills and called it a night.

Lulu went to bed about eleven. She did not want to get up this morning. I tried twice and my uncle tried three times and then it was time for tickle torture. She was bent out of shape!!! She got even madder when I tired to get her dressed. SO, she went to school in a dry diaper and her pj's. The daycare director just looked at me and then her and said, "Running late?" So, I told her an even more RD version of waking lulu up and it was funny, Lulu just got all pissy again! Kids are fun.

That is about it.


Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

You got alot on you plate, Lady! But I have faith you'll pull it all together! If I knew how to make those Lavendar could hang one over your bed for restful sleep :)

7/12/08, 2:03 AM  

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