Sunday, July 20, 2008

As a parent, I reserve the following rights...

I reserve the right to shower daily
I reserve the right to go potty in peace and quiet
I reserve the right to eat all of my dinner once in awhile
I reserve the right to tell you to do something and not be asked why
I reserve July 29th, 2008 at 9:00p.m. as MINE and you both will be in bed by 8:00p.m.
And now back to the normally scheduled post! Hope there are no typo's becasue I am typing in white on white so ... well because I am not using the MS interface I am tryoing at the blogger post page and ... it don't retort back to the standard font color after you switch to red..
OK dummy switch colors! EUREKA starts on July 29th YEA. I really hope for a powerful season three. I would like to see them get back on track like season one and take all this mushy kissy garbage out of it. Yeas, I know that the characters need relationships for the story line to grow, but upon doing that last season, they turned it more into a drama and moved away from the fantastic format of season one. We will see.

Lost the lizard today. He scuttled into my closet. Little bastard. I have also found that I need not mourn my doggies anymore as my horse Freckles has apparantly decided he was a dog. Let me explain. As, I've said before we have been moving stuff around so that all the bedrooms are downstairs and so that we can seal off the upstairs and conserve on electricity. SO, today was my room. In part to find the damn lizard and in part to get some storage boxes out from under my bed and into the shed. OK. your still with me? Well all the trips from my bedroom door to the shed were accompained by Freckles. He walked with his chin on my left shoulder (and hot grass stinky breathe down my neck) with me each trip. He was very careful not to heel me with his clod hopper feet. Good for him. Saved me a bullet. JOKING. My uncle came out and helped with with a few of the boxes. He stood in the shed door and scratched his forhead, "I ain't never..." and he attempted to shoo Freckles away. Freckles just dog stepped him and waited for me to go back to my room. Anyway, I don't know what his psychological reasoning was for the walk, but it was companion ship. I gave him a few pets and he slobbered on me! Who needs a dog when they got horsey slobber? Actually I would take dog slobber any day of the week!
I am doing better about my doggies. I have not taken a Xanax all weekend and only cried once yesterday and none today. I feel a little sad right now but not like I've been. I've even managed some homework and a NAP!
Oh and I finally got my art from Seatle framed today and hung up. I was given them three years ago by Tony (LULU's daddy) and just never got aroudn to it. They are frammed and up now. And they look good. I hope he paid a fortune for them!

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