Saturday, July 19, 2008

the square cloud

In my last post I forgot to mention the sudden flea infestiation. Sigh. And this stupid lizard is huge and FAST
Ok here is the funny shapped cloud I told you about in the last post. I drew a red box around it to pin point it for ya's
Ok while I wait for photobucket to load so I can pick up the link, I went to the alltel store on Friday and they updated my phone number to a local number. How about that I've been on a waiting list for a local cell number. Hard to believe that there are that many numbers used up in this area. Our entire county has a pouplation of around 5 thousand! Get off of it and give us more numbers to be avail. As it was a Wrightsville number (although there are W'ville numbers owned by Alltel) was not available so I had to get a Sandersville number. Still a local call from the house and better then a long distance one from the house. Anyway... the guy that waited on me looked like "Chad" from the Alltel comercial. I had to laugh. I go to school with the guy and he is a full term student. So, over the summer he has gone from the hippie hair do, to this bleach blonde Chad thing. I looked at him and held my breathe a second to prevent an inopertune laugh from errupting and then he just grinned and says, "It's OK, It was not a JOB requirment!" and his boss (who was waiting on me) snickered.
but our banks are not closing!

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Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

We have blue-tailed lizzards here, but they are not huge. Of course, they're outside, and I think they're kinda cute. lol. But then, I'm a sucker for all animals.

Clouds are interesting, aren't they? They can have all kinds of shapes and sizes. A square one is most interesting.

Have a good weekend!



7/19/08, 8:44 PM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

Thanks. Lizards are real intresting when they are OUTSIDE and not under my BED! This critter is about as long as my hand from heel to tip of my middle finger (minus his tail which has already been scared off) and he is a blue. He is starting to turn brown but I think that he might be dehydrating or freezing due to the AC (on super max)
Anyway, I'd never seen a cloud with right angles so I thought I'd share

7/19/08, 11:11 PM  
Blogger LL said...

Oh shoot... he's just in there to eat the bugs. You should just leave him be. He might even snuggle with you at night. :P

7/20/08, 1:35 AM  
Blogger JennyC&F said...

Eww Yuck. What bugs, we've been spraying the potent stuff for fleas and bombing, and heck, I don't even got a spider to complain about! But I got the dang lizard in my closet now. Little f**ker (the lizard, not you) and I just don't feel like cleaning out the closet.

7/20/08, 12:29 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

When I moved back to Atlanta (from 12.5 years in Massachusetts), it took me more than three years to get a local number. Not because they wouldn't do it... I was just too lazy to take care of it. Talk about a non-local number!!

Don't see too many lizards around here. The few I do see are small and tend to blend in. You notice the motion as it scurries away, rather than the lizard itself.

7/20/08, 5:19 PM  

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