Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SIX more days !!

Almost July 29th! Six more days. WowoWie! Sci-Fi channel really needs to start playing re-runs or something! And it would have been such a nice break this semester to get to take a few minutes and watch EUREKA and not do my homework!

And lets see, small miracles... only two more days left of class (and one test day next week) and lets see how many exams: Bio - 1 exam thurs and Final on thurs, intro to computers 1 exam thurs, statistics 1 exam thurs and final on monday, american government was two essays already turned in. Oh and the Net exam is friday. How many was that? Six? And I had two today for Bio. and they wonder why college students get stressed out!

Mr Lizard has been spotted. He now lives in the downstairs bathroom between the wall and the cabnet under the sink. *little f-er* but at least he is not in danger of getting in bed with me and scaring the bageezers out of me!

Normally I think of better blogs. This has been a very hard semester for me. Life in general has been difficult to say the least.

The update on my cousin's kids that I was not going to give... My cousin and his wife were granted temporary custody until Aug 11 court date. The kids momma was living with a level 3 sex offender who had raped a 12 year old boy. And she wonders why everyone is pissed. She knew about it. But what pisses me off is the police response. When my cousins wife called the cops they told her, "Because the mother lives there also, it is considered supervised custody and we can't do anything about it." How about that! A child molester rapist can live with kids. There is something bad wrong with the system.

maybe I just need to take some cymbalta and ingore the life that surrounds me. nothing in it satifys me anyway! I mean c'mon, I got to be tested on what I havnt' learned this semester, I can't stand the fact that these kids are in infinate peril, I hate this lizard... I am kidding around here, please note the humor!

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