Sunday, September 07, 2008

they're back

have i mentioned my cusin's wife got the grandkids back? Have I mentioned I have seen them and they are doing well? Have I mentioned that I called DCFS again and they won't do anything about her constantly cussing them out?

The puppies are doing good. Lulu had to go to bed at seven last night. She ran them all over the yard. They ran her all over the yard. Then I turned the sprinkler on and they played in the sprinkler. Stupid puppies! Free bath! won't get attached to the rodent/dog hybrids. I think that they r 2 small 2 b considered dogs. I have not bonded with either one. I think they are cute, yes, only a fool would say they're not. Annoying? Yes.

Other news

I got a dirty text message the other day. OMG. IT IS PORN. OMG. Wowow... ladies don't do that! I saved it, if anyone wants it forwarded, please let me know.

Dove season opened today. That means it is the end of the peace and quiet. From here until mid Feb the hunters think they own my property. The game warden we used to have is gone and we have a dumbass DNR officer for this area now. He is on the side of the hunters and not the land owners. I wish him ill.

And Harry has completly pissed me off. If I go a day without a post u know he carried through with his threat to kill me and please call the local authorities. I can't leave, I don't have the resources. But it is out there. Someone knows that he thretened me.

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Ohhhh...JennyLu! How could you NOT bond with those cute little fuzzy critters running around your yard and snuggling up with the kiddos???
Boy, do I remember Dove season in AZ...seemed like it went on forever and we've yet to own a dog that doesn't scramble somewhere at the shooting.(love your "wish him ill" good choice of words!)
Ok Girl, now you've done it! You ARE so obligated to post each and every day now...even if it's a blank post!!!

9/7/08, 10:59 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Not to worry. I found a piece of me I thought I'd lost. That is a post for another blog.

9/8/08, 6:58 AM  
Blogger LL said...

"Ok Girl, now you've done it! You ARE so obligated to post each and every day now...even if it's a blank post!!!"

Are you calling the kettle black? :ewink:

Oooooo... phoneporn. You must feel so impotent right now. :P

9/8/08, 9:27 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

OK LL call me silly but I DID NOT KNOW you could get porn on the cellphone! And this one is GRAPHIC! with a visa comercial attached to it. Just like OMG and so sick you save it just to show someone that... OOOOOH I got porn! lol @ me

9/8/08, 7:35 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenn,

Phone Porn? Is there such a thing? Oh, my, I'm too old to find out about such things!

The puppies are adorable. Have a heart, bond with them already!

I am late here, but I see you're still posting, so you're okay.

We don't have dove season, but turkey and deer season are coming in November, and I don't look forward to it. My property is POSTED! And our game warden will come and check if you call him. Usually, they leave us alone on this gravel road, since everyone is posted! But sometimes, some stranger will sneek up in the back woods and I hear the shorts. I hate it!!!

Going to read the newer posts now.



9/10/08, 4:35 PM  

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