Friday, September 12, 2008

Expected unexpected.

First I would like to say that my old mare was put down yesterday 9/11/08. I've been avoiding posting about her because it is so depressing. We have had a week or so of her "going down" and having to work with her to get her up. Then the diarrhea started and really no one wants to hear how you got shit on today. So, I've really been avoiding posting about her. Mr Freckles has been the mother hen here. When Missy went down, he would run the fence line calling us. When we got out there and started out feeble attempts to get her up, he would assist by nipping her in the ass and then putting his head between her legs and pushing as she was attempting to get up. Then he would come over and nudge one of us and "blow" or "snort" and walk off with Missy. It is rather touching how an animal goes by instinct and amazing that an animal can communicate without words. But, I am still selling the other two (Freckles and Comanche.).

So, Wednesday was the bad day. Missy went down a few times and I was at school. Sue, Harry, and Freckles got her up. Wednesday night she went down in the barn. I went out and talked to her and she was just looking at me (like horses do when they are sleeping or resting and they trust you) and she didn't seem in any distress and she didn't seem like she was dying. There was that light in her eyes and an alert stance to her head. I did ask her to get up and gently guided her and she whickered softly and pulled her head back. But MY horses are like that. They lay down to sleep and get up only when THEY want to.

Thursday morning on my way to school I got a phone call. Sue said Missy was down and Harry was just going have her put to sleep but she called the vet and the receptionist was a little bit snotty, she wanted me to call and see if I could get a hold of Chip. So, I called Dr Prichard and the girl informed me that he was on a farm call at Gene's. I asked her to please call him on his cell and tell him that Missy was down and I needed him ASAP. See the problem with that is that Gene has a multi-million dollar Tennessee Walker ranch. I am small beans next to him and it doesn't matter if my horse is suffering or not, I have to wait. And that is not right or fair but it is what it is.

I could not go home and tend to this matter because of this luncheon thing with the guest speaker and my prior obligation to attend. That and I had an exam in one class and test review in another. So, I was not exactly able to run home. That and this is Harry's horse and I am the one that has been taking care of her and it was time for him to step up and be a horse owner. That and I was still mad at him about him threatening me the other day. I guess I am selfish and mean. I should have been there for him (despite the fact he was a turd the other day).

They had an ordeal. The weight tape said she still weighed about 1800 lbs. After she was put down they (other members of our neighborhood, Harry, and Sue) had to figure out how to move her up the hill, get something big enough to dig the hole, get her in the hole and cover her. They finished about five p.m. That was when I got home. I didn't know they were done, so I dropped the girls off with Sue and I changed into sweats and work boots and went to help. I got there in time for the beer. And I don't drink, I am not a drinker but I did manage to have 4 beers and it didn't even phase me. Well yes it did, I had to pee. But buzz? I didn't get flighty or buzzed feeling in any way at all. That is not normal for me. Normal for me is buzz by a half of beer and silly by two beers. Nothing. And you'd really think I'd have gotten a buzz because I have not drank in an awful long time. I didn't even go to bed early!

Let's see, the guest speaker for the visionary series was really cool. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about China. I will have to make that post for another day. Afterwards I went to the luncheon and the President of the college not only sat at my table but he sat right next to me. Talk about … OMG… I had to eat like a civilian. I had to mind my P's and Q's. But it was really nice. We had a nice spring salad, followed by grilled lemon chicken breast that was served with green beans and seasoned rice. Desert was Fresh strawberries over angel food cake with a hand whipped topping. I just stopped at the café and got me one for breakfast! The strawberry dish that is.

I need to post about yesterday mornings events but I don't have time right now and I don't want to take away from the context here.


Blogger NYPinTA said...

Sorry about Harry's horse. :(

9/12/08, 2:04 PM  
Blogger LL said...

That's never an easy day...

9/12/08, 2:40 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

ty nypinta I will pass your condolences on.
LL - have u noticed a day in my life that appears easy? :gentle smile:

9/12/08, 8:49 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Jenny, I haven't noticed very many easy days for you...I'm sorry. This kind of day is extremely it's not one of those every day occurances that upset us...
I'm so sorry..

9/12/08, 10:20 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I am sorry about Missy! That's just too sad.



9/13/08, 8:00 PM  

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