Friday, May 01, 2009

Good Morning

Song of the day: "Walk like an Egyptian" The bangles

Quote of the day: " 'Pandemic' mean's pay attention, not panic" CDC

I forgot to do my Thurday blog and that should have read, 4 weeks to go, any guessers? LOL, but today it might read, 8 days to go any takers?

But instead I am wishing you all a very bright and cheery good morning!

Here is the link to the interactive map of what states have the flu and how many reported cases of it. See, the problem I have with that is that... they are not testing people. Unless your a white house aid or a doctor. See, I have a problem with the way this is being handled.

The FED's are delivering 12 million doses of the Taniflu or Relenza to the states for distribution. BUT we have (according to census data which is well below what it is) 300,000 million people in the US. So, who is going to get the Tamiflu? Doctors, military, and government employee's. Ok, maybe not police. But that is suppose to be 25% of our population that can get vacinated. They also said there is no short supply at the pharmacy. I went and talked to the pharmist of two stores, one store has 1 dose and the other store don't have any. I just read an article that said the post office is supose to have a stock pile of this because in the event of emergency the Post Office will be delivering the medication to sick people. But the rest of us that are not important by government standards won't be getting a thing. If the government kill's us off then they don't have to worry about social programs, right? (like food stamps, medicaid, medicare). But the government also won't get the tax money to keep them big and fat. I guess their lives and long run picture is more important than our lives

I am happy I did not vote for Obama. It appears to me that he wants the American People dead. He was a Muslim. Just knowing that makes me feel like he probably is working under the authority of some terrorist country and having Indian Head MD putting this bug out. After reading about who will be medicated, I am sorry, but that is how I feel... I feel that way because I know that I am not on the list of people that will be medicated. Are you? I just hope I am wrong. Really I do because he does appear to be doing a great job the first 100 days in office.

Moving on, my above stated part with the post office leads to my problem with the post office doing the deliveries is this epidemic and distribution of medicine (if needed), , , I bet my postal carrier wouldn't. Hell she won't come down our road if it is raining, do you think she is going to come down our road if there is a leathal illness reported in our area? Please don't mail us anything, lol, we are fixing to be isolated from the world because of the swine flu! LOL.

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Blogger Lady Holiday said...

Calm down, calm down! Over ten thousand people die each year from the regular old flu and nobody is going into a panic about that. People are blowing this whole thing out of proportion just because it is something new and relatively unknown. Anyway, healthy people shouldn't take Tamiflu, because it will help the virus become resistant to drugs, it will shorten the supply for those who are actually sick with swine flu or another flu, and it will prevent a healthy person from building up their own immunity to the virus. Also, I don't think Obama wants people to die of the flu. If he was that evil, he could kill us all in a much easier way! Just my five cents worth...

5/1/09, 9:56 PM  
Blogger Red said...

I am calm. I have never had the flu and I don't want to start with this one.

5/2/09, 5:00 AM  

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