Monday, April 20, 2009

Parenting 101

Quote of the day: "The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well." Joe Ancis

Song of the day: "Amanda" Boston

I have court tomorrow about the nonsense at the daycare. Today I have to go to the school and fuss about the stuff going on with Molly.

More later on that crap.

This is later. Here is what went down at the elementary school.
1) I informed the VP that Mrs McKinney needed to have a psychological evaluation because she started to victemize my child worse and violated the doctors orders after she found out about her disability and I asked for her job to be reviewed by the school board and that she be put on Admin leave until said item could be followed up on
2) I had a child (who's parent was present, premeditated) called to the office to tell Mr Robbie what had happened in the class
3) I made it clear that Amanda was given homework the week of CRCT's by Mrs McKinney
4) I brought up that a little boy was being an elementary school lawyer and quoting a case between his grandmother and me to my daughter and telling her that her mother was an uneducated louse. (I had informed Amanda that I was infact educated, she need not worry, things like this come from the minds of the despirate.) And I told Robbie that school was not the time nor the place for this to occur and asked him to confront the other child about Sue Anne Clark.
5) I pushed the limit on the 504
6) I bit my lip and made myself cry
7 ) I informed him that Ms McKinneys actions were now causing emotional trauma (the other girl that had been calld up) to other children and not jsut my own
8) Asked about the Principals husband's health (only to have it backfire and Robbie told me he died, then I felt bad about asking affter him)
9) Thanked the other parent for being there and lending me her spine and helping me to get through this
10) decided I hate school at that level

Went back to the college only to have to pick Amanda up at 2:30pm for a fever and back ache ... took her to the doctor and she has a UTI and possible Kidney stones. UGH.

Cussed silently to myself about my day.

Cussed silently to myself about what the doctor had to say about the diagnosis from the psychologist about Manny.

Bought Cranberry Juice and Antibotic's for Manny.

Cussed silently to myself all the way home about my crappy day.

Emailed my lab teacher that I missed the disection of a Kidney and the quiz on the ohhh... URINARY TRACT... because of the Irony of Manny's diagnosis. LOL. Ok, I had to laugh!

OK the daycare saga will be continued.


Blogger Michelle said...

When you get time email me about what happened at daycare. I have missed something.

4/22/09, 5:35 AM  
Blogger Red said...

I have not posted about the day care yet! LOL. And the saga will be about court! But I will email you but it will most likely be tonight.

4/22/09, 8:32 AM  

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