Friday, April 17, 2009

Food for Thought

I had a visitor in my car yesterday afternoon when I ran out to have a cig and talk to Doc. I will call her Nicki. I hung up from my conversation with Doc because I really am not into sharing that kind of a private conversation with a near stranger. Anyway, she and I got talking about food. It was close to lunch time.

If a woman is eating and someone comes up to her and says it looks good, the first woman will most likely share it or offer some to the other person.

On the other hand if a man is eating something that looks good, he gets all defensive. OK, Nicki was talking about how she made her hunny Spanish porkchops. I never heard of them but the way she described them they sounded down right good! She said that her hunny brought the left overs to work with him and heated them up at lunch time in the break room. He told her that he was enjoying them and a co-worker commented that they looked really good and smelt fantastic. He then told her he wrapped one arm around his dish, looked down at his plate and ate it all as fast as he could. She was like... this is how I envisioned this going down and made a hand gesture. But it struck me odd. I started to laugh uncontrollably. I mean. I couldn't help it. She said, "Jenn, it wasn't that funny." and between gasping for air and waving my hand at her, I managed to get out, "No, now I know what went down in Tennessee with Doc and the chicken Parm I made him."

Here is what went through my head. OK, I don't know the name of his co-worker but I will call him skeeter. Please mind that this is not WHAT Doc said happened it is what went through my infantile mind.

Doc takes a lunch to work that is the left overs of the chicken parm. At the designated chow time he heats them up in the break room. Skeeter and he are eating together. Skeeter mentions that it smells good what is it. Doc tells him I made him something. So, the guy ask's for a bite. Doc cuts off a small piece of chicken and dips it in the sauce and gives it to Skeeter. Now... let me pause for a second. I make damn good Chicken parm. Ok, back to the story. Skeeter tells doc it taste good and can he have another bite... so doc gives him a few drops of sauce. Skeeter gets defensive... they have a man bitch (dirty looks) and makes for an uncomefortable night at work.

But that is how a man's mind works. I got somethng good, I will tease you with it, you will be jealous and envious, and I am still going to finish eating my stuff. LOL.

Like I said, the story of Doc is complete fiction. Nicki and I discussed it and well, when we were talking about it we were laughing in hysterics.

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