Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swine Flu

DON'T PANIC it is way to early to tell if we are going to have an epidemic. I remember watching a video on Swine Flu in Microbiology, and I am suprised at the CDC for LYING and saying they don't know how it is spread, because in Micro the film was by the CDC and it said that it was spread by mosquito bites.

So, help yourself out, ,, Get a bug light and some OFF with DEET (deep woods off or just look you can still get DEET, not as strong but it works). Be sure to clean any and all bug bites with idione or biniactin (sp) and quit worrying.

We have the ability to control these things and work with getting through them. CDC has know about swine flu for a long time and has feared this for a long time. The pig is able to carry all sorts of flu's. Bird, people, pig and when the bug goes through mitosis it... for lack of a better word... mutates in the pig and accomidates all the different flu's it may be carrying. This is what makes it dangerous. It is something we have been exposed to (maybe not enought to get sick) and it is somehting that combines and then ... POOF... becomes a super bug.

BUT... we have known of a "Swines" organic makeup and the ability to mutate things for a long time ... SO... now what? We didn't take preventative measures when we could have and now... we may face iniment death. But the bible does speak of the swine as being evil (I am not sure where but 7th day advantaist won't eat pork because it is the root of all evil). Hmmm. Somthing to ponder.

Once a human contracts the virus or flu then it can be passed just like any other flu bug. Can you say, hand sanitizer? Can you say, Lysol? OK, now go and arm yourself!

I worry yes, that is my job, I am a mom! LOL. And we have a HOG ranch >6 miles from here! EEEEK. I will be buying a new bug light tomorrow!!!!! You bet!

Song of the day: "Machine Head" Bush

Quote of the day: "Every outbreak is unique..." Dr Richard Besser of the CDC

So, if every out break is unique and this one appears to be hitting people in a mild way, just take percautions. Go to school, go to work, go to your life... it is calling you!

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Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Jews and Adventists can eat pork if it is kosher. Seventh Day Adventists believe that the Old Testament dietary laws are still binding upon all believers. The Adventists have also long had an interest in healthy eating. Most are vegetarians. One of the early leaders of the Adventist church, John Harvey Kellogg, invented the corn flake with his brother William. John ran a sanitarium (not Pole Hill); William founded the cereal company. Their story was told in the movie The Road To Wellville.

4/26/09, 9:25 PM  
Blogger Lady Holiday said...

I don't believe that mosquitoes carry the virus. (Also I believe that bug lights attract more bugs than they kill!) I believe that the problem lies with the gigantic pig farms that process thousands of pigs like they are products and not animals. With so many pigs in one huge factory setting, diseases spread rapidly from pig to pig and then to the humans who work there. We need to go back to the days of small local farms with just a few pigs in a nice big field, not kept cruelly in closed quarters with thousands of others. It's not natural or responsible.

4/26/09, 9:51 PM  

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