Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lesson's learned

Quote of the day: "If absolute power corrupts absolutely, does absolute powerlessness make you pure?" Harry Shearer

Song of the day: "Come on Eileen" Dexy's Midnight Runners

Court - I will add to this later for the circus that was court.

First, no decision was reached, Judge Wiggens said that he would mail the decision and we would receive it in three business days.

Second, when we were leaving, Sue Anne Clark said that "If the Judge rules in Jennifers favor, I still won't pay her, I will just attach it on to my bankruptcy."

Third, she is a liar, a cheat, deviated from topic, and falsified a document (AND ADMITTED TO IT), and had a lot of nasty things to say about me. I know I am hard to deal with, and eccentric about my kids, and whatever... but I didn't know I was an asshole! LOL.

Fourth, even when coaxed I would not say anything ugly about her or her facility but I did point out that the document was altered. I told the truth and stayed on topic.

Fifth, she had her grandson threaten my child at school and I did bring that up in court.

Lastly, I feel sorry for her. I think that she is a desperate woman in a horrible situation. I wish the judge had asked her to go get a psych evaluation!

All in all I was not pleased with going to court. I will at some point be putting out what went down about the daycare and why I removed Lulu from her care and put her in a private daycare. I will also update when I get the ruling from the court.

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