Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rigor mortis set in

Quote of the day: "When in Rome do as the Romans do" and I have no idea who said it.

Song of the day: "William Tell Overture" (sense viewing the Mom song, I can't seem to get WTO out of my head. Without the ad lib words of course)

January 13

Your stroll through the "universe of possibilities" that you so loved has come to an end, dear Capricorn. It is time for you to come back to Earth and join the rest of us. You have more hope than most people, like the good Capricorn that you are, and you understand that we need your imagination and courage regarding the future! Today you may have to make an important professional decision...

-I made not important decisions today or none that I know of.

-I left Earth – when how, I was … perhaps abducted by aliens? Did I tell them any pertinent information about the number 42?

-Do I need to become a paranoid schizophrenic? What are you telling me Horoscope? Who exactly needs my imagination and what are they going to do with it in the future.

All right, all joking aside, let's get back to the scheduled post. Some people have days. I apparently have days that turn into weeks. I brought Boo Boo Gurl to the vet this morning. Oh wait; let's back up to the exciting heart stimulating part of the morning. While feeding the horses I became grossly aware of the fact that the critter I thought was a dwarf rat in the barn was two more puppies. L So, all three went to the vet. They are from two different litters according to the vet. He doctored Boo Boo Gurl's nose up. I hate it when a stray gets a name because guess what that means…. Oh… a pet. Anyway, BBG is cut clear into the nasal passage but it is not life threatening. She sat there very well for the vet to peel off the scab and examine her cut. She did whimper but she did not growl or snap or squirm (until he cleaned it and put iodine on it then she whimpered some). I had him examine the others and they all get a clean (but flea bitten) bill of health.

He charged me a small fee (five bucks) to examine the babies because I have the intention of finding them a home and not dropping them off at the pound. The brindle one was snatched up by Pam (a woman about my age) after classes (I left the puppies at the vet all day and picked them up after school, ran them over to the college and gave Pam one.) Like I said, I will put their pictures up but not tonight.

I walked with Mrs L today at the park. LOL. Ok, I waddled with her. Or she waddled with me. My gluts hurt. Well they are stiff even. Reckons as that was the first place I broke into a sweat.

Had American Government today and I hate to say this… Oh, do I have to? I loved it. There. I said it. The most fun I've had all week … well next to reading my emails from someone. I was sitting on the edge of my seat and sassing the hell out of the professor. He gave it right back. But then I know him from areas of the college and his photo debut, "I'm not a trained photographer but I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express last night" theme. In other words… I knew I could. I think I will use that on him on Thursday. I will say, "Randy, I'm not a trained American Government Student but I did…" LOL see what he says. My luck he will kick me out of class.

I am sitting here typing this because that is currently the only part of my body I can move. I lack the strength to turn this laptop off and more accurately pick it up off of my lap and set in on the table by my bed. But (screaming) I am going to try.

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Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenny,

You're 42 years old? Really? I thought you were much younger, for some reason. My daughter, who is my youngest, is 44 and her oldest daughter is 19! Good thing she is in college and not in a hurry to make me a great-grandma! LOL. Not ready for that yet.



1/14/09, 8:59 PM  
Blogger Jennster said...

:O Renie, no I am 38. 42 is the utilmate answer to life the universe and everything, per Douglas Adams "Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy"

But But, you'll make a fantastic Great Grandma, look at all the good you have to share


1/15/09, 6:14 PM  

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