Monday, January 12, 2009

Freaky People

Quote of the day: "A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar." MArk Twain
Song of the Day: "Napoleon" Ani Defranco
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I said that I didn't really meet people off of the internet. But AFTER reading a post on Doc's blog, I decided to come clean about some of my experiences.

The first person I never met in person, we ran a chat room together. And had phone calls until 3 am on work nights. My nic was "deep reflections, or deeper (variation of the first name)and systolic tomcat" Her nic was "Breezy, seabreeze, and other variations of". I really liked Carin. She worked in ad sales for a radio station on Cape Cod and her Hubby owned and ran an appartment complex in NYC. Then she started to get wierd and tell me bizarre things. I told her one night that I thought she might need to see a doctor and discuss getting some medications. So, then she started a barriarge of really wierd BS like mailing me broken (shattered like, not broke in the mail like) Christmas Ornaments, and Curtins cut to shreds. And then the stranger stuff, like I had online bill pay through bellsouth (before the big ATT take over and I went to pay my bill and there was a $700 over payment. Then she sent me an email saying that would keep me online for about two years. And she got really crazy. I was actually scared and I asked the local PD what to do and they got the GBI involved.

In the middle of this, a family that was regulars in the chat room went on vacation. I can't remember their names. They did ask me if on their vacation they could stop by and meet me, they would be traveling with the girls. OK. Why not. Carin hadn't got all crazy yet and I was a virgin to meeting people in person from the internet. This seemed safe. A couple and their two children. Problem was it was safe. She was handicapped (never once mentioned that to me) and had a club foot ( I didn't know I was predjuice on handicappes until this) and he was ... um... a half retarded grease ball, long haired hadn't showered in a month husband to be but not right now because he was getting paid my the state they were from to take care of his handicapped love. She was also of nasty composition. The kids were in far worse condition. The one girls was two years older then Molly and about as smart as a box of rocks. The other was younger then Molly and smart! They both had different daddy's and neither was the one the woman was with. While here (they stayed in a motel) I found out that she was into a sex ring with men that liked freaky sex and she made a lot of money prostutiong like this. And all I could think was... I've been single for 4 years and thats what all the eligable men are dating. Not knwoing that freaky sex and dating were two different things (OH THE EDUCATION THE INTERNET PROVIDES). I don't know what was worse her choice of income or how damn nasty dirty from lack of bathing she was.

Moving on. I kept my circle of friends as live human beings for a long time. I still maintained chat rooms but I then USED the hammer if things got out of line. In my systolic nicname (I kept it in the room to fish for wierdo's) I had enough pictures of mens private anatomy sent to me to fill up and entire 750mb disc. I then marketed multipble copies of this and sold them for $10 each on Ebay. They sold in minutes on the buy it now feature and I mailed the orginal out and had nothing to do with saving dirty pictures ever again. Not entirely so, we did burn a few copies and leave them in random cars of customers that annoyed us at work. LOL. That was imature and rude and I was like too old (so was the service manager) to be doing crap like that. Funny though.

Then I met Jason. Match dot com. I liked Jason. We talked and emailed a lot. His sister owned a club in Dublin and I went there to meet him. We had a really great time (no sex) and this went on several weekends. But I really don't party and it was boring to sit there and watch other people drink. So, Jason and I parted our ways.

Also from that web site I met Chris. He was the grand BS guy. You couldn't help but like him. He was a tattoo artist (I have the tatoo to prove that) and he talked a line a mile long. We also never had sex but we were great friends. He'd come over and help with the horses or take his daughter and mine fishing.

Moving on. I met Mac at a militay friends site. Mac was a sport. He'd come over and we'd do stuff like tear down buildings. He'd bring his son over and his son would play with Molly and we'd just sit out back and chat. I liked Mac until he put the moves on me. I mean it wasn't that I wouldn't have liked to be with him but his moves consisted of talking about the type of Sex I really don't want to have.

There are two more. Neither of these I met in person.

Realtime ( I mention his text messages in my post from time to time) and I managed a chat room or we chatted in teh same chatroom. Russ would prolly be my BFF if he didn't live in teh land of the insane. Or Nebraska if your courious. We've had some of the best conversations, some of the funniest text messages, even Sue adores him. We used to talk on MSN messy all the time on Web Cam. Clothes on! THe computer was in the living rooma nd Sue would get up in the camera and hollar hello and start talking not knowing you had to type and I'd be like typing 100 wpm

Then ther was Joe. LOL. Joe was Sue's 2nd favorite. He called me every night after Molly went to bed and would talk until his phone went dead. Usually about cooking. He was from Vietnam (living in Tenn)and proclaimed himself as a bounty hunter (this was before DOG the bounty hunter).Joe and I talked for three or four years and then he jsut disappeared when I had Lulu.

So, I have had some good experiences, I've had some bad experiences, and I've had some I'd reather not go there experiences. What I have learned is that people are pigs. Give an inch and they show you their inch. I mean... they take a mile. I have learned to stay away from dating sites. Everytime I join one I get piggy remarks without even a hello. I am not a nasty person and I don't want to be treated like one. I also have higher standards then to be around them.

I try to shower every day. Somethimes twice. I don't wash my hair every day because my hair gets real brittle if I do. It is long and thick. But my ass is getting washed... END OF STORY. My kids are bathed most days. Sometimes on the weekend I let it slide one night (if it is time to do laundry but NEVER when there are clean sheets on the bed) and my pets are even bathed when time and weather allows it. I just don't tolerated nasty.

Back to the summary. I think the good experiences out weight the bad ones. I found really good friendships in Russ and Joe. Well Russ anyway. He is still around. The only real regret I have is Carin. I'd like to know what ever happened to make her go nuts. I do regret not being there for her in her obvious time of need but like I said she really scared me with the things she was doing.

And I say this as I am packaging up a present for WOW. LOL. Honest it is what I told you. The battery is out of it! That don't sound right! But it is clean... that sounds worse. I don't want everyone to know what it is,,, she will prolly tell you but... OK... ON that NOTE... LOL... I will just go!

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