Monday, January 05, 2009

Remembering 2008

Quote of the day: "What sound does a one handed clap make?" Zen

Song of the day: "Let it Be" The Beetles ( I don't know, it's been in my head all day… On a Beetles kick, I guess)

Second song of the day: "Two Suns in the Sunset" Pink Floyd (talk about the Ying Yang of music going through my head!)


It is a new year and I can honestly say that I am so Happy that 2008 is over. It has been by far the worst year I can remember. I take that back. There were some good moments. New people met, laughs shared, and a feeling of belonging. But it is hard to see the good though all the bad.

Let us look at the good first. I met my second semester back at school with open eyes instead of the grudge I had been sporting the previous semester. I met Philly. Philly, Mal, and I shared a few really good laughs. Nothing will take the cake over the Down syndrome lunch. We laughed so hard at my insecurities that Mal developed one! (My eye lashes are blonde and when I don't have make up on, I feel like I LOOK like I have Down Syndrome.) And I am not picking fun at people that do have this disease. It is just how I feel like I look!

In December I met one of Molly's friends and her family. Ever meet someone and you just click? That is how I feel about that family. It is like, everyone in it I like and I feel like they like me too. Or at least I hope they do! LOL.

I spoke to my mother a number of times this year and realized that I still love her (despite the horrible 8 year gap in our relationship), and that she is my mom, and that her opinion really counts a lot. I have enjoyed getting reunited with the NY branch of my life.

I got reunited with Blogger and began to blog on a regular basis. Through doing this I have met a new circle of blogging buddies and I cherish the precious moments of mommy time free time when I get to read their blogs and post comments. I do often fear that my comments will not come across as funny, and generally that is my goal, to present a cute comment to a great post. Sometimes I am serious; I reckon it is just the context of the blog. But through blogger I have been able to let go of some of my inhibitions of people in general and branch out to a league of people I didn't know I fit into. Like take for instance, Fermicat and her Cat Blogging. How clever and creative is that? It reminds me of the years of fun I've had with cats (over the decades) and how much I miss owing an indoor cat. Or over at Pole Hill Sanitarium, you will find a fantastic montage of music post. Did you know that I started my writing career sounding off at Tipper Gore and her censorship? I just adore having stumbled across Doc and his treasures! I found the Complaints Department and get a genuine laugh over there on a regular basis. CDM, I hope everything is working out for you. Then there is WoW. Need I say more! The woman is a peach! A true find. You all are. I adore the group I am currently in on blogger.

So, long and short, friendship wise (in person or on Blogger) I have been blessed.

Then onto the bad; it has been a year of loss. Loss on a threshold I cannot conceive. I am sure that at some point it is all going to come crashing down and I will be in a corner somewhere rocking and crying frantically. LOL, I hope not. My other Dad passed this year. I was taken aback by the loss of Tom. I mean, I have been out of NY for ten years and probably out of touch with him longer, but it still hurt. He was the dad I never had in High School. Uncle Bill died this year. That was a brilliant mind gone to ashes. I can't believe it. I lost my best friend of 10 years. Loosing Jeter broke my heart. It still does, I cry now as I write that. Hell, I cried when I saw the Red Sox's commercial with Derrick Jeter in it. He was my doggies' namesake. Sue's dog, Peanut, was put down the same day as Jeter. Then we lost the hose Misty. Then Harry's dad, Gilbert; you know a lot of people didn't like Gilbert. He was hard to handle. But I liked him. I have my reasons. Lastly we lost Uncle George; my dear Uncle George. I know people die but I think this year that my family has had more than its fair share.

But life will go on (and on and on ) and the bad days seem like they last forever, until a worse bad day comes along to replace it. We are human and we fail to see the good days as nothing more than a passage of time. My blogger New Year's Resolution… TO post more of the good days, that way they don't slip into a desolate place called history.

God Bless you my Blogging friends, my family, my worst enemies. May your New Year be enlightened.

January 1, 2009 (I had to type it up, SORRY)


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Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Knowing how hard it is to lose someone special, I just want to remind you to hold on to those fond memories, and look forward to the new possibilities that are opening up in front of you all the time.

1/5/09, 10:14 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Thanks Doc.

1/5/09, 10:58 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

This is a wonderful post Jenny. And I'm with Doc...thankfully we've been granted the ability to cherish and hang on to memories. I know the feelings you have on losing so many people close to you. When I was thinking about 2008, I realized this was the first year in 3 that we lost no one, or a beloved pet. The prior 2 years? We felt like we moved back to WA just so we would be close to attend funerals. TOO, TOO many!
It is so nice you reconnected with your Mom. I feel like Heidi and I did in 2008 too! And hey! I found you! or you found me...I can't remember...but you are not just like an amazing daughter to me, you have become an extremely special friend! I AM grateful and happy to have you in my life!
Luv ya and many hugs sweet Jenny!

1/6/09, 1:25 AM  
Blogger Jennster said...

Thanks for letting me be a part of your extended family.

1/6/09, 9:37 AM  

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