Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chaos retreat

Today was a good day. It didn't start out that way but it ended really well. It started out dreary and cleaning out closets. Then I called my friend Mrs. L. No wait, I texted her to call me. Hee Hee. Are I lazy or what?

We met up at the park with her kids and mine. Her husband was along for the afternoon. I got a real kick out of the park. There was a daddy there with his kid (s), an elderly couple there with what I am guessing (grandkids), a young couple with a little boy, another couple with a group of kids, Mr. and Mrs. L and their kids, me and my kids, and some weirdo playing a violin. What I enjoyed was the men playing with their kids. That is something you don't see often and here there was a park full.

Mr L made Lucy puke. That was fun. He was spinning the kids on the 'merry go round' and all the sudden it wasn't so "Merry" anymore. Then Mr. L took the flying leap at the slide, to surprise his youngest one, and went assets over tea kettle in the process. I ended up making a few trips to the cars to clean up kids or change clothes. OK, clean up Lucy. Then I was on Wipe standby because she realized she didn't have to have dirty hands.

Lets see… Kate went assets over tea kettle backwards down the slide, Mrs. L did something, I can't remember what, the one daddy kept running interference with his daughter (I finally told him that she was a kid, let it be), one of the kids present with the grandparents went for a fall into the water filled covert, did I mention I got a workout walking to and from the cars three times? I mean really, I didn't go there to exercise. I was getting paranoid though, it seemed like more adults were getting wounded then kids and I was kind of petrified to move much.

I kind of got the creeps when we went to leave though. I mean it is a public park, so I really couldn't say anything. But the violin guy just stopped playing in the middle of a waltz when we started to pack up and like walked with us to the cars. I just kept counting heads to make sure he didn't grab one of the girls. But he waved good bye at his car and put his violin in through the open window and was gone before we even got the cars loaded.

(as I type Lulu is here giggling in her sleep and she just had an odd convulsion, I think she was sliding.)

Kids all got Dairy Queen for an afternoon treat and then my girls and I visited with Mr. and Mrs. L at their house.

Lucy never got her nap.

Molly and Kate are going through the same 'tweenie byatch-ie-ness and uncontrollable eating. That was refreshing. That is a horrible thing to say! But true. Molly is so sweet to everyone but her family (and via versa with Kate) and it was nice to not be alone in the world. Also, I have never been in someone's home where I felt so welcomed to be there. IT was a real treat. I didn't want to leave! But Lucy reminded me of not 'overstaying a welcome' by informing me it was time to go. Molly started to whine that she didn't want to go. Awww.

I got home hoping to find that Sue had stayed off her foot only to find it swelled up like a melon. She had taken over in my closet where I had left off. *SIGH* That really made me feel bad about staying gone all day. I honestly thought she might stay off her leg but she didn't. Adults, you can't tell them a damn thing (us even).

I didn't get any park pictures because JennyJo still has not returned my camera or even answered her phone when I tried to call to inquire about it.

I have to take the time to clean out my car tomorrow. It looks and smells like a pig sty. That is about it. I could laminate about the jerk off hunters that were out last night. But I won't they are not worth it. But tonight I am prepared, if they come around here again tonight, I got the shotgun loaded by the back door. Someone is going to get their asses peppered. Yes indeedy. I am tired of this redneck BS that they put us through.

And I even remembered to get Harry his chew on the way home.




Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

How fun! Playing in the park!!
Now...dear JennyLu...what was that comment about and "elderly couple with what you assume was their grandkids"...I must remind you, I'm a Grammy but I AM NOT elderly!!! :)
Maybe that violin guy was just serenading YOU! And he was disappointed his special audience was leaving!
Did you slide down the slide too??? Assets over tea kettle and all?? That would have made a hilarious picture you know!
Of course...I'm razzin' you Dear Friend!
Here...{{{Have huge hug}}} from Mmwah!
Love ya Kiddo!

12/30/08, 5:45 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Me- heck no! I have issues with heights and that slide is like 10 feet tall!

12/30/08, 7:04 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Sounds like you had fun and excitement at that park. I hate the word "elderly!" How about "older women," or something like that?



12/31/08, 7:23 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

OKOK ladies, I will refrain from using that word anymore. I promise!

12/31/08, 9:58 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Happy 2009! Hope it brings many blessings!

New Year's hugs,


1/1/09, 7:40 AM  

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