Monday, January 12, 2009

Morning Came in a HURRY

Song of the day: "Heaven, Heartache, and the Power of Love" Trisha Yearwood

Quote of the day: "You can log on to Web CT and print out the course Syllabus" All EGA instructors. Yea. Thanks. Right back at you. Your allowed 3,000 pages a month and we are allowed each 300 pages a semester.

It is easy to forget how early 5am is and how hard it is to function at said time! Although I will be the first to admit that more cognitive activity takes place early on I will also be the first to admit that does not include coordination skills. Having said that; I am here and not quite pleased with that said fact.

Weight training class actually seems like it is going to be neat. Notwithstanding the fact that we have a quiz every Wednesday over three chapters and that seems a little farfetched. Do what? Oh and how about the JOURNAL we have to keep and the TWO essays. All for one lousy point that don't even count towards the GPA.

Second Class Bio II, and I have had that instructor for Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and the class started with a power point from the A and P II class. Honest. I have it in my AP Binder. I couldn't believe it. I fell asleep inside my brain listening to the run down. I like the instructor. I love the way he teaches! But it was like having someone explain to me how to tie my shoe. That coupled with the fact that I had less than half of my morning intake of the beverage I love so much!

Statistics was third. The C will transfer but I am taking two advanced Statistics classes over the summer I and Summer II at Georgia Southern. I want it fresh in my mind and I want a better grade. That class bombed. The computers in that class were not working correctly with the Elmo and Overhead fancy thing. He tried to pull up his PowerPoint (which showed on the computer) but then the overhead wouldn't work. He gave us the pre-test and sent us on our way.

Small break then my 2pm Bio lab where we were tested on our known knowledge of the veins and arteries (which had also been and AP II midterm for lab – are you getting the trend here?) But before that we got to diagram the skeleton bones, the skull bones, and the back bone (Oh another lab quiz from AP II – Surprise!).

Now. Here I have apologies to make. Big ones. Major big ones. I sent Amanda over to Mrs. L's house on the bus (because of Lab) and when I got there Amanda and Katie were screwing around about doing their math quizzes that they both didn't do so well on in school. Amanda was rocking back on her chair and Ms K was yelling at her for this as it was a repeated offence. I got so MAD at Amanda. I was just Ill to the L's. Like cussing rude. My behavior should not be pardoned but I hope they understand it was my disappointment in Amanda, compounded with a bad day or repetitive nonsense, and coupled by Amanda disrespecting someone's furniture. I dropped the F bomb about ten times. I used a not so nice voice. I helped myself to a soda (and it was the last one!) and I screamed at my child. L I am mad at myself for it. Mrs. L and Ms K, I AM SORRY! I will write you an email later and apologize and prolly apologize a million times in the next week… LOL…. Dang it.

Got home, fed the horses and discovered that we now own an injured Black Pit-bull puppy. Black with a white blaze on her tummy and her right front foot is white; she has a little white on her chin. She is fat (prolly worms) and has a gash that is half healed on her nose. Sue said she was happy to see her earlier when she caught her in the yard and then she got scared when Sue picked her up. She has a blanket and is in the outside dog cage. I talked to her and she has really intelligent looking eyes but hung her head like she was bad (and sat there) her little tail was hesitating but tapping the ground while I spoke to her. I will take her to the vet in the morning and leave her for the day ( I have to walk and I have a class) and I will see what they say. I don't really NEED another dog but I am not going to let the little thing be sitting at my house injured, either. I will nurse her up and try to find her a good home. I just don't know what else to do. I am not going to take her to the pound to be put to sleep, that's for damn sure.

I will post a picture of her tomorrow. It was too dark when I got home to take one. I think I will try to find her a home by printing her picture and posting it at the college. See what happens. I got to print out the horses pictures and post them at the college too.

I am tired. I am off to bed. There is more I want to say but lack the ability to think coherently and then type what I mean to think. LOL. If this week keeps up at this pace, I will be checking everyone's blogs at the end of the week and catching up. Sorry. I have a lot to do tomorrow (don't expect a post unless it is another late night one).



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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Arrggh! 5 am? Heck, I'd really have to change my ways to make that "dead line"! Most nites I don't even go to sleep until after 2 am!
You ol' softy! Taking in another puppy! Course I can't say that regarding Amanda! But, you know, we all have our moments that we aren't too proud will pass..
Have a great week Jennster!
~Hugs from the peanut gallery~

1/13/09, 3:55 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

Not a morning person here. I never sleep well when I know I have to wake up super early.

Looking forward to those puppy pictures.

1/13/09, 8:31 PM  
Blogger Jennster said...

Wow - have you posted your suprise yet? I havn't been able to get online because of OH ... I know.. HOMEWORK. Pbblbbth.

I like Fermi AM NOT a morning person! I do better in the morning in clarity of thinking but I suck at actually getting my sorry buns out of bed!

I don't like the tweenies.

Fermi - well one puppy last night and two more this morning. I found one a home. I will be hopefully putting the pic's up soemthime tomorrow. I am to stiff right now to get the memory card out of the camera.

1/13/09, 8:56 PM  

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