Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You can call me ms numb buns tyvm

Let me see, Lulu had a setback yesterday and then felt better this morning. But while she was vomiting and running a fever I got in touch with my Spanish teacher and we arranged to meet after the holidays to do the exam. Which means… study study study… so I don't forget anything I learned the last three months?

So, with Lu feeling better, I brought her to day care and Sue shopping. Sue wanted to go to Augusta, which is 70 miles from the house or 100 miles from the kids school and daycare. But, I can't really tell her no, so off we went. And went. And went. I took her to Lowes, I took her to SAMS club, and we finished with Dillards. She had me pick out some ornaments for the tree. Who me? Hee Hee. Well I got an over sized Santa and Snowman at Sams. At Dillards I got a seahorse and baby, a dragon, and a peacock. I also got a ballerina kitty with a string of lights and a puppy head. They had pickles so I got a Christmas pickle too (seeing we can't find ours). Why oh why would anyone have me pick out ornaments? I mean it is NO grand secret, I AM DERANGED! LOL. But … but… deranged in a good way! I just have this warped perspective of what I like and I like original. The items I picked out were very pretty and in good taste. Ok, well, they were colorful and matched the no match theme of the tree. Whatever.

I spoke briefly to NYPINTA yesterday and she is doing OK. Her area of NY didn't get it as bad as the surrounding areas and she had power but no internet. Just an update. Maybe she posted, I just didn't get around to checking BLOgs.

Speaking of blogs; you know how when you log on there is a blog roll of who updated (not ppl you subscribe to but just updates ) well that was rolling as I waited for my logon to go thru and I realized that porn has made it to bogger. And not just the hussys that make us do word veri either, I mean things with xxx titles… that I am assuming are porn bots or something. What happened to clean wholesome fun?

Riding back from the big city today it hit me. What a long ass drive. LOL. Good thing I love my aunt! I was fidgeting and very uncomfortable by the time we picked Molly up! I stopped to order her ice cream cake at DQ and it was like OMG I have two dead weights instead of legs! I stretched and walked around and then went in. The manager was like ( I order all the bday cakes there) Jenn are you OK? And I said yes. He told me I looked tired. I paid for the cake and told him what time I'd be by to pick it up.

So, then the next obstacle was… "Mom I'm hungry" yea me too, I drank like a pot of coffee all day and I am weak. I look at the new Zaxby's across the street. I had been promising Molly that I'd take her. Note, don't order take out when your hungry. I ordered a party platter of wings and fingers and a house salad. Then fries for lulu. It was $43 bucks. It was really good but the five of us ate like 1/3 of it. LOL. Guess it will be chicken leftovers for awhile!

Pick up lu and head for the house (we ate the chicken at the house, for the record). We get about halfway home and Harry calls. I hand the phone to Sue. Harry's dad died and no one told him. His sister stop by AFTER the burial THREE MILES DOWN THE DAMN ROAD and wanted to know why he wasn't there. Man oh Man. HIS fathers' wife is a fucking bitch. I am sorry, that was wrong. WRONG. W R O N G. Ohhhh I cussed and so did Sue and we fussed the rest of the way home about how and why it was wrong. Harry had a right to know when his dad died. He had a right to be at the burial. Point blank, end of story. Linda did NOT have the right to keep him from the burial because she doesn't like him. I hope the douche bag chokes to death in her sleep and knows it is happening. That is wrong of me to wish ill on Linda but not as wrong as her keeping Harry from his father.


Blogger dr sardonicus said...

You... just... found... out... there's... porn... on... Blogger???

Hope Lulu is feeling better, and it's good you were able to work out arrangements for your Spanish exam. Keep studying.

And that was really a shitty thing to do to Harry.

12/16/08, 9:53 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenny,

Oh, my, I'm glad little Lulu is better again!

Porn on blogger? Say it isn't so!

The ornaments you picked out sound pretty. Actually, I have a peacock ornament on my tree, and it's quite old. Have had it for years. But no pickle ornaments! LOL.

What a terrible thing to do to keep Harry's Dad's passing and funeral from him!

Hope the rest of your week goes really well, as you get ready for the big days. (Your b'day and Christmas.) And I hope your Spanish test goes well.

Holiday hugs!


12/17/08, 6:36 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

M I the only numb num that didn't know about porn on blogger? I mean I knew about the comment thing and that they hit your comments but I DIDN'T know that they had blogs too... how does that read ... OOOHHhhh mmmm... YES YES...?

I will post the letter I wrote to Linda (Harry's step-mother I guess, his fathers wife) AFTER I work up the courage to actually mail it to the bitch.

12/17/08, 8:54 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Google claims that 1/3 of all internet searches are for porn.

12/17/08, 9:42 PM  

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