Friday, December 12, 2008

I reckon I will just sleep in the bathroom

Is it stress? OMG. Let me tell you what. Lucy gets sleeping for the first time today without a fever. I wake up. Is there a justice there I don't know about? Not only do I wake up, but I wake up in a hurry because I have a Charlie horse in my left calf. OK, is this GOD's cruel joke or what? I get up to walk it out and find I have a sudden urge to vacate my bowels. I go into go potty and … feel like I made the world's largest contribution to the septic tank only to discover a turd about the size of a pea. All right GOD, my plate was full last week when it was the last week of classes and the instructors had their panties in a bind catching up on what hadn't been covered, and I had my plate full this week with finals. Then I got desert with Lucy and her Bronchitis and Molly with her Autism. Then what was today? A cruel joke? So, I am sitting on the potty for the third time (at 2 am) just knowing beyond knowledge that I am going to shit my brains out have a case of diarrhea like none other, and I hear, Thump, Ani barking like there is someone kicking in the door, and a cry with a question mark.
So, I wipe, flush, and wash my hands and then go to attend my child. I turn the light on (the crying stopped) and look. She fell out of my bed and into the dirty clothes basket (great aim) and was sitting there looking at me like I did it. I picked her up and loved her a minute and felt for fever (Yea no fever) and my uncle came in and took her into the living room. I light a cig and stand in the door. Here is my big opportunity to lie down without Lucy and get some well needed rest. I snub out the cig, selfish me wants to sleep. I get in bed and get comphie and cramps once again plague my lower abdominal area. Once again, I go to the potty and NOTHING. C'mon. Shit or stop making me run to the POT. Damnit!

I spent the day in the ER with Lucy. I got a call after my first final today and had to go and get lil bit. I took her to the ER. She had a high fever and appeared to be in respiratory distress. We got there at 10:35am and left at 6:40pm. I was grouchy. My arms hurt from holding her (she would not lie on the bed) my back hurt from holding her, my ass hurt from sitting and holding her on the bed, in the chair, and pacing. My fingers hurt from text messaging. LOL. Thank God my Cell came back to life. I text messaged my second teacher for the final today and let her know where I was and what was going on. She was like an angel. She gave me an INC. for the class and told me to nurse Lucy and get with her next week to do the final. I hope God has a special place for that lady.

So, what was wrong with Lucy? She had a 1 in 5 reaction (but not allergic reaction) to an antibiotic called Ceclor. The high fever is a rejection reaction to the synthetic antibiotic. I can't take Ceclor myself. I had an allergic reaction to it when it first got introduced on the market. So, the entire day was spent flushing the crap out of her system with the aid of IV (that and she dehydrated) and the Tylenol/Motrin cocktail. They released her three times and all three times they took her temp just one last time to find it had sky rocketed to 104.2, 104.7, and 101.5. C'mon guys. Give me a break. So, it was strip the baby, wipe her with wet washcloths, et al. I called the house 4 times and said We are about to leave the hospital and the last time I just said, hey I will call you when we are in the car and pointed for the house.

Needless to say the girls missed their appointment with Santa Clause. I came home and molly was dressed in her brown and pink velvet dress and her pearls. My heart ached. She looked so pretty. My friend Jennifer was suppose to come and get her and take her for me but she stood my youngin' up and I am just a little pissed off.

Hope your day went better!


Blogger Complaint Department Manager said...

Oh dear God do i hear you on finals. I have been on the cusp on ALL of my classes this semester and they have had me SO tied up that I could barely breath. I may miss the Dean's list by less than .15 this semester, my first time off and it really sucks. I still have 1 final to go, but i'm not too worried on it as my grade in there is pretty much set in stone. Hope all goes well with you and yours.

12/13/08, 4:36 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Wow, you've had it rough the last few days. Hope you did great with finals and you and the kids are better.

12/13/08, 10:19 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

That is a rough few days you have had. I hope the kids are feeling better and that finals went ok! Hang in there!

12/14/08, 11:08 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

thanks guys, all is doing better

12/14/08, 6:40 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

I hope you and Lucy are both feeling better. Yikes!

I was always a mess during finals week.

12/14/08, 7:18 PM  

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