Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Good News and Bad

Song of the day:"Jingle Bell Rock" any artist

Quote of the day:"Hee Hee, you want my fudge, eth?" Jenn Ganoe as she licks the remains of chocolate evidence from her lips. "Huh, what? Fudge? Havn't seen any."

Sue and Harry took Lulu to the doctor for me this afternoon. Lulu has bronchitis. It came on just like that too. She was fine last night before the bath and after the bath (before I got done with mine) she was coughing and hacking. I did every home remedy I could for her last night and then she started to run a fever. Sue called me at school and said that She and Harry were going to pick her up from the daycare and take her to the Doctor. Sigh. Hopefully she will be well by Christmas.

First exam went well. I think I got a high grade. Depending on my grade for the book report grade i should have a low A or a high B in the Psych Adjustment class. Yea.

Thursday will mark the end of exams and classes until Jan 12. Due to the high cost of Dishnetwork I may be disconnecting from the internet. I can not afford to keep paying them. It is not worth it really. I don't have a connection if it rains or if it is over cast, when I do have a connection, the connection speed I have is slower then dial up. At times there is some performance but for the most part the last 18 months with dishnetwork has been a living nightmare. They never processed my rebate (for either the tv or the internet) and I am paying $20 more for the internet connection and $10 more for the television then we were orginally quoted and taxes on top of that number. My bill averages $119 a month and I should be paying $7o (before taxes) and the worst is they said that they were not eligable for taxes but we are thus taxed. Sigh.

It don't pay to have dial up out here because we live on a clay road and the line has been damaged so many times by the road and grounds crew that the connection with that is ok but you can't upload pictures or streamline video. They do have DSL or broadband I am not sure which; in this area but the converters are limited and we have been on a waiting list for the last five years. They do call every so often and ask if we still want to be on the waiting list. Sigh.

Anyway, if I am not online at the end of the month, please do not worry, I will be back January 12 or in that area. And this weight is my cross to bear and I am not asking for help, I am just letting you know I am at the end of my rope with this internet outfit and any internet outfits avail. in this area.

SO, that is that. Molly has her Psych appointment tomorrow afternoon. I have two finals on Thursday.

here is a link to a blog that is in spanish but very sensual are the graphics. I want to save the link so I can translate some of the poetry later.

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Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Jenny,

Oh, I am sorry Lulu has bronchitis! Poor little kid. I'm still battling my bug, although most of it is gone, but I do still cough some. Hope Lulu gets well quickly.

I have dial up here. Am also on the list for DSL, and they keep saying "soon." It's a pain, but not too bad, I would not go to satellite one, although I do have Direct TV and don't have much of a problewm with TV reception. Things in the boonies are always somewhat slow though.

Good grades! My granddaughter has A's, B's and a C her first semester, at OU.

Have a good evening.

Hugs and prayers for LULU!


12/9/08, 8:04 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

O Jenny! I know the costs just seem to keep climbing don't they! I have WildBlue thru our phone company, cheaper than thru Dish, and don't really have any problems with clouds or rain. NOT much better than dial up, but I can be on here without tying the phone line as we don't have call waiting or caller ID.
Heidi started having bronchitis young, and still gets it! I hope LuLu doesn't have that problem as she gets older. :(
Good job at school!!!
~Hugs Jenny~

12/10/08, 1:43 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

I just checked grades and I got a 95 on that final. WOOOOHOOOO.

Renie-Thanks for the best wishes for Lulu, she will get over this.

I always perfered Direct TV to Dishnetwork, but I wanted the satite service for the internet so I switched, BIG MISTAKE. But you said, it is a part of being in the boonies.

Barb - I hope that Lulu is not plauged by it her entire life either! I have had it like twice in my entire life and it SUCKED and took forever to get over and then any little cold would flair it back up before it could get better. That was about a year ago in the fall semester and it took like two months and three rounds of antibotics to get over it. I don't want that again.

Our wild blue is through Dishnetwork and it is a never ending battle with them. Oh well, it is not the rising cost, my contract is up and I am tired of paying a high dollar for pisspoor service that don't come with the discount, ya know? Ok, well it is the cost, but I was laminating more because the cost is not indicitive of the service we receive, does that make sense?

12/10/08, 8:03 AM  

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