Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Drive

Song of the day: "Me and Bobby McGee." Janis Joplin

Quote of the day: "We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance." Harrison Ford

This font is called Dotum. I was trying to find a font to express the drive I had. LOL. Ok, let's start with the obvious. It was 103 miles to get to the interstate. A long 103 miles, like it took almost two hours in the rain and fog and then this really cool thing happened at mile 128 on my odometer; a radio station other than country. I was like "WOW" Really? And then I realized I had entered the civilized world. When I got up near Atlanta I had to pee. This was more of an event then I expected. I stopped before I got on the bypass and although the gas stations said they were open 24 hours and were well lighted … no one was in fact open. I was about 40 miles north of Atlanta before I found an open gas station. And to make it better, it was a truck stop, and the bathroom was sparkling clean! I went ahead and filled up the gas tank while I was there. I booked and cooked the rest of the way to Nashville. As far as driving for 8 hours goes, it was a relatively nice drive. That was of course, until I got to Nashville. I went from being the ONLY car on the road to boxed in by thousands of cars driving 90 and weaving in and out of traffic. It was at that moment that Doc called me. He chose a perfect time to call. I was on the verge of tears! My hands were gripping the steering wheel with remarkable strength, knuckles white, and using profanity I have not used in ages. I begged him to guide me around the city interstate and of course he did. He had things he wanted to do at the house before I got here but I really think he heard the desperation in my voice. He was real calm about talking me through getting to his house and I got here safe and sound and in one piece.

The bad part of leaving in a few days is getting out of Nashville. No wait, the bad part of leaving in a few days is the actual art of Leaving. I am not sure I am ready to leave. I sure don't want to leave. I am enjoying Doc and this area so much I feel a pit of emptiness at the thought of leaving.

There is an UPSIDE to leaving though. LOL. I get to go on vacation again in oh, 13 days. That means the real countdown is on now. WooHoo 13 days. I can't wait.

He did finally get around to feeding me. Breakfast. He started to cook it and then gave me a forlorn look so I took over. *SIGH* so much for being on vacation. Now, I am not saying he can't cook or anything because what he had started was right and it was looking like it was cooking right he just wanted to be pampered I reckon. Oh well. Breakfast was great. I did have to fend off the bird a few times but I am kinda getting used to that!

OK I never got around to posting this yesterday, so 12 days to go!

We went into the big city of Nashville and went all tourists, camera and all. I bought the kids t-shirts and I bought Amanda some Power Puff comic books. Maybe not a comic book person's choice of books, but it is something to get her started and liking the art and mentality of a different world. OK so maybe I am warped.

I enjoyed downtown. We took a stroll and it was cold but I had Doc to keep me warm. We are back to the house now and fixing to BBQ, I am having a beer… ONE OF HIS… and shhhhh we won't tell him. He is off in the other room for a bit. He will never know!

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Blogger Philly said...

Sound like you are having a blast up there gurl. Just think in twelve days you can do it again. Enjoy the rest of you time this week.

3/19/09, 5:23 PM  
Blogger HalfCrazy said...

Thanks for sharing that beautiful quote. I believe we are given loads of chances, we just gotta hit 'em right!

Looks like you've got loads of adventures to look forward to!

3/20/09, 4:07 AM  
Blogger Jeni said...

Glad he finally fed you breakfast! I was getting a bit worried there. And somehow I kind of think he wouldn't mind it a bit that you are sucking down his beer either.
Now -about that font and black background. Are you trying to push my eyes totally over the edge into complete blindness or what? My vision is crap -has been for over 50 years now to be honest -but man, trying to read that small print with my freaking tri-focals (that are perpetually smeared, smudged and have a ton of dust flecks embedded in 'em too) is really, really difficult!
Peace and safe travels home -and back to Pole Hill again too!

3/20/09, 5:00 AM  
Blogger Red said...

Philly - good times yes indeedy, and I can't seem to get to reply to your blog again. Grrr.

HalfCrazy - thanks for stopping by and yes, there is an adventure going on here! Please come by this blog again.

Jeni - I just don't know about you. LOL. I made it bigger before I posted because I have a hard time reading the fine print too and that is what I got. Grrrummmble. I got your email too, I will reply later after Sir Doc Sardonicus goes to work. LOL.

3/20/09, 11:49 AM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor! said...

LOL at your quote my case? I'd say the changes coming our way are more like 20th or 40th...not second.

I'm glad you got "chauffeured" through Nashville via telephone. I am the same way...leaving the security of the small country roads and towns into the big scary confines of cities makes my ol white knuckles look like snow!!
I'm so glad you had a great great time with Doc!!!!
And after the next vacation? I'm anxious to hear even more!!
{{HUGS}} Dear Sissy!

3/24/09, 4:21 PM  

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