Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Song of the day: "It''s beginnig to look a lot like Christmas"

Quote of the day: "We will be meeting in our classroom for an open book exam." Ms. Todd, EGC Spanish Instructor

Christmas funny of the day:
Christmas Card Oops!
Last Christmas, grandpa was feeling his age, and found that
shopping for Christmas gifts had become too difficult. So he
decided to send checks to everyone instead.
In each card he wrote, "Buy your own present!" and mailed them
He enjoyed the usual flurry of family festivities, and it was
only after the holiday that he noticed that he had receiving very
few cards in return. Puzzled over this, he went into his study,
intending to write a couple of his relatives and ask what had
happened. It was then, as he cleared off his cluttered desk that
he got his answer. Under a stack of papers, he was horrified to
find the gift checks which he had forgotten to enclose with the

Tonight we had our Christmas Parade for Swainsboro. They did a really nice job. Too much of the New Cars from the two dealerships driving around the high political people and not enough floats. Hee Hee. I likes them floats, they throw candy! But this parade did not have a lot of candy throwers, so the kids were kind of disappointed. Not that it matters much, they don't eat the stuff.

I treated them to McDonalds first (we didn't have time to run home and eat and then make it back to town for the parade) and then we parked and found a spot. When we got onto the square, we found one of Molly's school friends and hung out with her family. I really liked them.

Then we went and found the area for the school kids that were going to be doing the Christmas Carols. Molly joined the recorders and Kaytlin joined the singers. (That is why we had to stay for the parade, Molly was going to be in it.) So, we parked our butts on the cold ass ground and made good of it. Lulu sat on Katlin's grandma's lap while I got closer and attempted to take pictures. Oh well. I attempted. The camera battery decided it was worked enough for the night.

I took Lulu back and she decided that she had to dance with one of Katlin's sisters. I did manage to record that but the camera dont have night vision so I don't know how well that will turn out.

When it was over I let them both get a crazy light thing and we went home.

Yea, Home. WooooHooo. I didn't eat McDoanalds (gives me the trott's) so I treated myself to a cold bowl of cereal. Molly did her homework and lulu used the big girls potty.

We had fun. But the day did not start out like that. Nope. I was in great spirits this morning. I got out of my first class and went to the library to study. Mal was having a mini crisis and texting me like mad. Then I decided to run down to see Ms. Todd and get some work for Mal (seeing she wouldn't be JOINING US ON THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES) and Ms. Todd informed me that we had a test today. Oh my word. But it was open book (thank god). I skipped my last lab class and took the time to finish up whatever Spanish stuff I had to finish. I then went to class. The test was hard, open book or not! But I think that I passed it. I hope I did.

But it was the last day of classes. Yippie. I have one final on tues and two finals on Thurs and one exam to make up tomorrow morning. And then it is done. Until January. Wow.


Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Is that YOUR Gramdpa you are talking about? How funny! Had it been my Dad..he wouldn’t have bothered to clean his desk for the discovery…he’d have been on the phone asking for a Thank you!!
Oh, a Christmas parade! How fun! You wouldn’t have been sittin’ on our “cold ass ground”…it had frost on it all day! 21 derees warm!
(I do love a good Fish Filet from McD’s…I think it’s their grease that does that to us, yep me too)
Good luck Jenny on your finals next week! I know you can Ace them!

12/4/08, 9:53 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

No, not my grandpa, lol,it's a joke. I like the fish filet from Mc D also, but it sure don't like me. Hee Hee.
I don't know about ace-ing them, but I will go for it.
Thanks Barb
~Hugs back~

12/5/08, 10:13 AM  

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