Wednesday, November 05, 2008

good vibrations

I admit it was eerie to drive into school today and have it be an utter ghost town. Creepy. I even text messaged someone from the red light and asked if it was a holiday. She called me back and informed me of the wide spread parties last night due to the election. Oh. I went to one a few years decades ago when I was covering an election for my mother. She couldn't be at both the local democratic convention and republican one at the same time. I went to the republican one. That was when the first Geo Bush got voted in and the place went wild. I stayed and covered the convention until the votes were talled up to the number needed for the win and then I went to the hut of a office that The Daily Mail called an office and wrote my article in the dark. I did this because of the border line riots down the street. My mom called on the back door number and asked me to go and cover the caos and I was like... um.. no. LOL. So, I understood what was meant by partying. Needless to say there were a lot of people absent at the school today. I don't remember Obama saying anything about boosting the tution to those who fail out due to excessive election partying. Congradulations Obama. I will say that due to the election I have received a bunch of tasteless text messages. :( And yes I did laugh at most of them. I do however refuse to pass them on.

The sci-fi world has suffered a great loss today with the death of Michael Crichton. I have always enjoyed his books and his television/movie creations. I send my condolences to his family and friends.

Shithead still has not sent the money for the repair bill. He said he sent it last Tuesday. It would have been here on Friday if he did. I called him on Friday and he swore he sent it. Well that is all good but Harry wants his money back and wtf, why say you did or are going to do something if that is or was never the intention.

The puppies that are staying here all got a bath today. I picked Bear up and he just had a stank on him, so then T came over and a familar odor of ick arose, I didnt bother to smell Ani, I just hauled them in one at a time and gave them baths. I will wait on Chloe until Friday morning. I am going to take the blow drier to her on warm and dry her/ fluff her. I pick Scarlet up from the vet tomorrow. Nobody is looking forward to it. LOL. She is such a screamer! I can't imagine how she is gonna be with her "boo-boo's" ugh.

Good Vibrations is how I feel in general. I have felt great sence the time change. I have woke up feeling like I got some sleep. The night we "Fell back an hour" was rough. I didn't feel good. Lulu got up. Harry took her. I lied back down. Then I got up and Harry went to bed. Lulu fell asleep and I put her to bed then I started to cough. My nose started to run. My eyes started to water. I started to sneeze. Every time I got comefortable I was up. I saw two o'clock the first and second time. then I saw three o'clock and four and five... then I fell asleep until seven thirty and woke up and felt remarkably refreshed. GO FIGURE THAT ONE OUT. But this whole week I have been getting up and I am ready. Except for yesterday, I felt like that but I reached full mental capacity early... oh well.

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Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenny,

Yes, sad about Michael Crichton!

Well, now that Obama is the President Elect, we must all unite and get behind him. I did not vote for him, but he is in, and I will support him. I did not have an election party, or attend one either! LOL.

Hope you got the money by now.

Gee, must have been something to give baths to all the doggies. LOL. I gave a bath to just one stinky wire haired terrier mix, a couple of days ago, and it wasn't easy, as she didn't like it.

Hope you feel better!



11/5/08, 7:34 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

The dogs are still little so that makes it a lot easier. T did soak me!
I am not saying not to unite and stand behind Obama. I am skeptical because of his mulamic religous backgroud and I hold a high distain for terrorist. I am not saying that he is one or supports them (either). I do see a lot of good in him and our country does better with a democratic president (in the past) then it does with a republican president. Also, I did see that the stock market lost close to 500 points and no one else seemed to notice.

No, Brian never sent the money and he won't answer his phone. And because of that me and the kids are staying home from school tomorrow. I have a bum tire on the left front and I need to replace it. My uncle will loan me the money to do that when Brian pays him back for the other repair. The tire has been questionable for some time, but sence the repair to the lower balljoints and having that stable atmosphere the broken upper balljoints are giving the tire excessive play and thus premature and uneven tread wear (the outside looks brand new and the inside is bald in places and at the wear bars in others) and this has to do a lot in part with how the busted ball joint is leaning on the alignment camber. I HAtE CARS. I HATE EVEN more that I can tell you what and why is wrong with my car and It am helpless to do anything (I worked service for 13 years)

It will all work out for the best. I have faith in that.
Hope your day was sucessful, I am on my way over to make my bloggy rounds

11/5/08, 8:34 PM  
Blogger fermicat said...

I read about Michael Crichton today on SciFi Wire. I had no idea he was ill. 66 is pretty young these days. Sad.

11/5/08, 8:54 PM  
Blogger Rukia said...

the time-change thing is throwing me for a loop. AZ doesn't have it, so having to remember that "time" changes in the first place is messing with my brain! lol

11/5/08, 10:52 PM  

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