Monday, November 03, 2008

Oooh NYPINTA have you lost it?

Oooh it kills me. LOL. Really. Honest. NYPITA announced that she is going to try to write a novel in thirty days as part of NaNoWriMo . Wow. Heavy duty. Really. That is a big task to take on, writing 175 pages or 50,000 words in thirty days. If I were not boondoggled right now with my classes and work load, I might be tempted to try this. All I could think when I read her post… Instant Insanity. What a mental work out! Then I thought about it on the long drive to get the kiddie-kins and I was even more leaning towards … "What on Earth, has she gone mad? Do I need to provide some sort of mental intervention for my dear friend?" and so, I get home… pull her blog up and follow the link.

This is where it gets really cool. The site is awesome. You can make donations to help youth writers and stuff like that. I was all for her doing this. I read every available page (well, every page I could read and cook dinner and bathe the kids and get them settled in… yadda yadda… yadda)

I kinda like the idea.

No, I like the idea and I am rooting for her 100%. If I didn't have this crazy work load I might even be tempted to do it to. Maybe next year. Maybe in December I will do it just to see if I can do it. Why on earth did they pick November? OK so, maybe I will wait until January to try it. November and December are kind of busy.

So, if you get a chance check out NYPINTA and NaNoWriMo.

In other news, I brought Philly her Pecan pie and she promised to make me a cheesecake! Yum. We shall be fat chic's of the campus! Lol. Really she is not fat, I just said that. As you can see by the pic of me that I squeezed into the Halloween pic's, I am a chubbymomma. Oh well. I like myself anyway.

Scarlet was dropped off today to get her ears done. Yea the screamer is gone for a few days. Lol. And I don't intend on picking her up until Thursday or Friday. J Chloe is booked to go to California on Friday and meet her new family. That will be a relief. Chloe is a really nice dog, very pretty, and everyone is trying so hard not to get attached to her! If Betty doesn't like her I will take her back. And I am not saying that to be selfish. She is a likable dog. But Chloe is also a puppy and pretty good at puppy stuff (like chewing, stealing, testing the waters of play and play and poop and hide and …. Urgh!) But all , the puppies do that! Chloe will sit. I have got her to come to her name, sit, and walk a little on a leash. She is not fond of the leash Betty and her hubby and children will have to figure that one out! She does not potty in her box but she sounds like a police car when she wants to get out to go! She likes to go potty about 3 am. Oh well. We are excited to see her go to California but we are also going to be sad to see her go. Esp Lulu, lulu just scoops her up and totes her like a doll. It is rather cute. Chloe is just along for the ride and Lulu is all business. Doll carriage, under the arm or however. J Chloe has her own baby (that will go with her) and her own blanket (that was lulu's but it will go with her and stay with her) and her own sweater (that she will be wearing). Chloe also got her health certificate today and her last puppy shot. Other puppy news, Ani got her Rabies shot today and is curled up to Lu (pouting) she keeps looking up at me with her ears back like I hit her or something. I feel so bad! I won't hold another dog while it gets a shot! General T is mad at me. He knows that Ani is in the bed and keeps whining.

I get a kick out of General T. He hates to get caught by Lulu and toted. But he loves to love her! After the pup's go out in the morning, I will take T and put him in bed with Lu and let him wake her up. This morning he pile dived her. Over and over like she was a bag of food and he was going to get into it with his nose. She was getting mad. He would ram her and she would swat him and tell him no! So, I put Bear in bed with her and he bounced on her like she was a trampoline. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper this morning.

Molly wants me to cook breakfast tomorrow. Bacon and eggs. Scrambled. I don't know about this. On a Tuesday morning? Grrrr. I might make a deal with her, how about tomorrow morning… LOL? Tues and Thurs we have to leave so early so I might try to bargain out of a Tuesday morning full course meal, cereal, cold with milk. J

SEE that was 906 words. Maybe 50, 000 random words won't be that hard NYPINTA! Good luck.

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Blogger NYPinTA said...

I'd love for someone to make me breakfast. ;) I don't even make it for myself msot of the time. Cuz I'm lazy. And I prefer sleep to food. (Sad, I know.)

Thanks for the rooting. :) I think I'm going to need it.

11/4/08, 12:50 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

That or a kick start kick in the ass!

11/4/08, 5:53 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said... about bacon and eggs for dinner?? That's always a good alternative!
If you wrote a novel...what would you choose to write about?
You've got a lot on your plate, but you seem to have tons of energy!
~Hugs...after you send me some cheesecake!~

11/5/08, 4:21 PM  

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