Tuesday, November 04, 2008

exhaustion creeping up

no wait, it crept up last week, exhaustion is now settling in. There are three full weeks left of school. Four if you count the week we have three days off for Thanksgiving. My mind reached full capacity this morning. I bombed my spanish exam, I just drew a blank. Not any 'ol ADDHD blank... Oh no. Copy paper blank. Crisp clean white noise blank. I couldn't even clear my head by blinking my eyes or going to the bathroom and splashing ice cold water on my face. Nope. Nadda. Nilch. And the problem with that is (before you crumble me up and throw me away) I knew the stuff. I was more ready for this exam then for any test I have taken in any subject in three hard semesters.

My Psych Adjustment class today made me really question my parenting skills. Reading the chapter last week started the questioning but the discussion in class today... ooooohhh boy. I have like 7 chapters I will be posting over at my edjamcation melt down blog... lol.. when... oh hell when I get the damn things typeed up and posted to the class then I will move a copy over to the online. That blog did not work out how i'd planned it to this semester. There is always next semester and oh the 30 hours or so that I still owe to my bachlors degree. Back to the parenting thing... So, I grilled Molly after school. She was like... um... whats up with you? LOL. I asked her specific questions worded so that I did not put her on the defense and she was like... no... the only time i feel lonely is at school but I am the new kid and that has a lot to do with things. Which, helped but didn't. I think I am going to get her involved in some after school programs. I don't want the poor girl to be a complete invert.

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

After school activities would be great for Molly! Is there a lot available for her to find her niche in?
And you...I can't believe the term is almost over you too! Wow! Just another step closer to your dreams dear Lady!

11/5/08, 4:15 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

I don't know. There is not an awful lot around here. I am thinking girlscouts again combined with dance or gymnastics. I will make a post when she makes a decision. Of course these things take money and ungotsnone!

11/5/08, 5:55 PM  

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