Monday, May 11, 2009

ready for bed

Quote of the day: "It is by acts and not by ideas that people live." Anatole France (1844-1924)

Song of the day: "Cherry Pie" Warrant

Lousy day. Well from my point of view, anyway. I almost cried a few times and I don't do tears well.

Today Molly stated her new school. She was so brave. I, however, cowered in fear when the kids in her new class rushed us! She wanted to stay today and ride the bus. I was nervous but I decided to let her try it. The drive home, I choked up a few times. And then a few more. I sat in the driveway and regained my composure (in case Doc was still up) and then I went inside. I had to laugh when I went to get out of the Jeep. I reached for my coffee cup and it was still full. Normally (with the old school) the cup would be empty by the time I got to the school. Here I was getting home and it was full. WOW.

Next my mom called. I went outside so I would not wake up Doc. It was good that I did.

Then I spoke to Sue and she did not think it was a good idea for me to talk to Lulu. (I did have tears in my eyes over that one). She did however call me back around eight tonight and let me talk to Lulu.

The lawn needs to be mowed. I reckon I will have to do it. Doc has been working and with the rain ... it does look like a mini forest. I had told Fermicat that I would take pic's of the lawn. I went outside and one part of the lawn came up to my breast. LOL. But I wasn't sure how to take a pic of myself standing in the grass. So, I got a yard stick and leaned it up against the grass and the grass is actually taller then the yard stick and supported the stick in an upright position. OK, that was in the back. Doc didn't get that section mowed last time. And to defend him, it is behind the house. The part in front comes up to about my hips. Hee hee. I however can't post the pictures because Doc threatened a ... uth... revealing ... um post... if I put the pic's up.

My nerves are shot today. I don't do well with crying and trying not to cry and when it comes to my kids... sometimes I need to.

I think I am off to bed.


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