Monday, May 04, 2009

knock the wind out of my sails and call me jane

Song of the day: "Cruel to be Kind" Nick Lowe

Quote of the day: "My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular." Adlai E. Stevenson Jr., Speech in Detroit, October 7, 1952. US diplomat and Democratic Politician (1900-1965)

Today sucked. 4 exams. I did all right. I passed 3 of them and bombed one. The one I bombed I've already passed the class another semester so I am not to worried about it (I just wanted a better grade) SIGH, so my GPA went down the shitter on that one. OH WELL. Better then bombing 3 and passing one. LOL.

I am E X H A U S T E D. I didn't realize that taking exams would tax your brain the way mine feels right now. But even my eyes are gritty.

Let me tell you about the statistic exam though. We skipped chapter 10 because the building our class is in had to be evacuated at the start of class last week. Today he covered chapter 11. Then fifteen minutes after class the graduating students had to take their finals. BOTH chapters were on the final. Was that fair? I know, life is not fair, deal with it.

Today was the offical bug out day. I had people calling my house and emailing me just all buggy about the exams. Oh and text messaging me. People who have snubbed me all semester. Or have I snubbed them? Don't matter. All I care is that Philly and I survived today. That's it, everyone else can go piss in the statistic teachers hat! HA.

My government teacher has said before, "I firmly believe there is a place reserved in Hell for some teachers..." and you know what? My government teacher is my new hero after today. HA. Quit laughing Philly. I stand behind that remark of Carter's! And you know who I want to see my first day in hell? Mr Blackburn. I want to sit next to him and torture the SOB through eternity. OK, well Hell is a harsh word. But I do like the way Carter said that.

Ameri Govi tomorrow. WOoohOOoo.

I don't think I am going to walk at graduation. I have to stop by the registrar's office tomorrow and see how I get out of walking. After today I am burnt out and I just don't want to. I was going to walk to be there for Philly but really... I am proud of her! She is so cool and so positive and so optimistic and without her I would not have survived today! And the only reason I was going to walk at graduation was so I could cheer her on. But I am burnt out. I don't want to walk at graduation. I don't want to be nice to the people who I have to on graduation day. That and if Blackburn is there I might just cuss him in front of everyone!

What to do? Don't walk Jenn. No need to cuss him.

OK, off to bed. I am hittingthe backspance more then the right letters.

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