Saturday, January 31, 2009


Song of the Day: "Bob that Head" Rascal Flatts (yes deliberate)

Quote of the day: "Turns out if you never lie, there's always someone mad at you."
Scott Westerfeld

February 1
Find a wide-open field to frolic in today, dear Capricorn. Pick some wildflowers and bring them to a vase on your kitchen table. Small things can bring a great deal of sunshine and hope to a stagnant situation. Try your best to clear your mind of unnecessary clutter and open it up for new possibilities to enter. Getting out and taking a walk in nature will help you gain a fresh new perspective.

Happy Super Bowl day.

Ran to the store twice today. The second time I got to do what everyone else wants to do, NEEEENER NEEEENER NEEEENER... I talked to WOW. Oh yea and WOW, mail me that cable that is not for the thing I sent you, I will figure out what electronic it goes to. Pbbbblbbbth. She said we can get LL a cat for Valentines day. Heee Heee. Just kidding there.

But I did get to talk on my hint for a good while and my ear got hot. I have to take it to Alltel and let them look at it. It was wanting to loose it's signal up on the highway and my ear is a bright red color right now! I never had this problem with the Scoop. I might just bring it back and get another scoop and I can use the scoop as an MP3 player. SIGH then I am stuck with the case and charger for this phone. DAMN it. What to do what to do.

Today has been a good day. I got some wash done, no homework, kids were pretty good, had Mr and Mrs L over and their kids, went shopping twice, and now I am off to bed. Nothing exciting. Waiting on the ICE damage over at Renie's house to pass and then I will post some pic's of Dandilions or Dafidills whatever they are called! They bloomed out and the necterine tree is fixing to bloom out. They are just going to die tonight it is suppose to be like 28'f.

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

I love your horoscope for this day! And Wow! Jenn! It was soooooooo cool talking with you Sat. nite!!! Heck, I wouldn't have known you were out 'shopping' if you hadn't told can drive, talk, shop, etc all at once!
I truly enjoyed our visit!
Glad your FB team won the super bowl!

2/3/09, 11:16 PM  
Blogger Red said...

Yea WOW about that FB, I was really rooting for the Cards, I just put the Steelers up to agrivate Doc over there at Pole hill. As you notice, there isin't even a complete sentence on the FB topic!

I really enjoyed talking to you too! We just won't tell LL about the pHone sex part. :ewink :ekidding!

2/4/09, 9:24 AM  

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