Monday, February 23, 2009

Fed Tax on Cigarettes

Quote of the day: "Liberty is worth paying for." Jules Verne (1828-1905)

Song of the day: "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" by Manfred Mann

Much to my detest, I plan on quitting smoking in the near future. Very near future. Not for Doc or for my kids (and they should be the main reason) but because it is going to become economically unfeasable. On April 1, 2009, The Federal Government is imposing a $6.09 cent tax (in addition to the current taxes) per carton of cigarettes. Local and state government will follow suit. Well, look, cigarettes are expensive enough now, I can't afford to pay 12 bucks more a carton. So, if I am bitchy and edgy and testy, deal with it. I am going to be breaking a 20 year addiction! That is like taking chocolate away from Harry. LOL.

I am wearing my double white saphire ring today. I will try to take a picture of it and post at some point. It is pretty and White Saphire is pretty rare. 30 x's more rare then Diamonds. I am also wearing my big fat diamond dinner ring. I didn't want to wear the Diamond but someone asked me to wear it today so they could see it. I hope I don't loose a damn finger over it. It is a gross pervision of White Gold and diamond on a Bagget band. I am not into Diamonds. I think they are showy and over priced. But they are durable and practical for every day wear.

What else? Oh yea, I am wearing a pair of pants today that were tight on me last month. Woohoo! Isin't this weight training class great?

If you want me to email you the pictures I got in my email today of Men in Thongs, please leave me a message in the comments and if I don't have your email addy, email me your addy and I will forward you the pic's of men in Thongs, it is well worth the laugh but because I have mixted ppl that read my blog, I don't want to issue anyone a sudden onset of heart failure (Doc, Renie, LL) :)

Got to run class is almost over and Java wants me to reboot.

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Blogger Karyn said...

i am SOOOOO glad i quit 9 years ago! and if i can quit after 20+ years of smaoking, anyone can. i did it cold turkey, no patch, no gum. motivators for me were being able to breathe without wheezing and the money i was saving. and this was back when you could get a carton for $22!

2/28/09, 11:08 PM  

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