Saturday, February 21, 2009

39 days to go... Hee Heee

Quote of the day: "What the philosopher is seeking is not truth, but rather the metamorphosis of the world into man. " Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900)

Song of the day: "Just my imagination (running away with me)" The Temptations

Look, I want to make an announcment. Everyone listening? I am no longer able to take naps. I blame Doc for this.

In other news... is there any other news? 39 days until the big V day! You can translate the V however you want to. Yes indeedy. It works many different ways.

Molly has started another round of this bug last night and Lulu has started another round of this bug this afternoon. SIGH. I didn't eat for three days because of pure fear of getting it but then yesterday I had a bowl of cereal. This evening I had a bowl of cereal. I am just scared! Awww... call me a chicken shit, I don't care... BracK Brack... But I tell you what... that bowl of frosted mini wheats tasted like steak! Yes indeedy! But I am still nervous about eating. LOL. Let us see what tomorrow brings.

I got a 93 on my western Civ midterm! WoooHooo. Reported grades are 3 C's and two A's. Sigh. One of the C's shouldn't count because of political incorrectness but I won't go there. On of the c's was close to a B and one of the C's was dead on at 75. OH well. I got some time to bring it up. But I have been a little distracted. Hee Hee.

I gots to go, I have an email to write! Hee Hee. Payback, double down? Eth?

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