Thursday, November 06, 2008


I have no idea what to call this post. LOL.

Chloe goes to California tomorrow. wooohoo one mouth less to feed! Really she has to go, everyone is getting attached to her. She is so soft, very well mannered, very pretty, and just a puppy that anyone can like. I am afraid that Betty's hubby won't like her. Chloe likes men. She also likes to dig. Dale spent a lot of money on their lawn... Get where I am going?

Long day at the college today. Ugh. Philly brought in my cheesecake. She made a classic NY Style one and it was fab! I ate two pieces of it! Piggy me. I had one after dinner and then I just had the second a few minutes before sitting down to write this. Yep. That cheesecake won't last the weekend here. Sue also had a piece. She told me, "That is better then sex." so I emailed Philly, "Sue said that you need to bring the other cheesecake into me tomorrow. Because if Mr M (Phillys hubby) finds out that it is better then sex he will throw it away and that is a waste of some good groceries." :) I will let ya'll know if she does, but for some reason I don't think she will believe me.

That is just a standing thing here. If something turns out real good, the first person to try it will say, "No good, don't eat it" and well that might work on some poeple and it did work the first time I tried using it down here, but they are on to me. LOL.

I picked Scarlet up today. I wish I'd left her a few more days. All that puppy does is YELP. Granted she has a reason right now, she got a shot and her ears clipped. BUT.... I am about ready to duct tape her &(()*(#)*# mouth shut. In all honesty I would never do that but I might put her in the paper for sale for $500 or $600 and that will cover her cost, her shots, and her ears. I can always get another. There is just no reason to keep a dog that no one can stand. OMG. I ain't never seen the likes of an animal like this.

I cornered Brian on the phone this afternoon. He never sent the check but that was about what I figured. But ya know what? He sunk his boat here. No longer will he be welcomed at this house. If he wants to visit his daughter, he can rent his self a car and drive ehre from which ever airport he flies into. then he can put up the cost for a hotel. Then he can drive over here every day he is in Ga to see her and leave at bed time. There will be no more catering to Brian. And there will be no more of Brian staying here and getting shitfaced every night. I am done with his bullshit and so is everyone else in this house. I left him for a reason 9.5 years ago. And now everyone is really seeing that perhaps I was not so irrational as they once suspected. I mean he has come close a few times to showing his true colors but alas he struck gold over the last few weeks.

I used the money that came in for child support today to replace that tire. Good timing too. When the guy put it up on the rack the tire blew. Poor fellow jumped back (as did everyone in the waiting room) I priced the repair for the upper ball joints while I was there. $430 plus taxes to have it done after market, $618 to have it done with Chrysler parts. I think the big oak tree down the road looks like a fantastic place to park it at about 75 MPH.

I guess that is about it. Boring day to blog about most of it was studies orientated. Grrr.

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Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

rOh Jenn...I can 'taste' the cheese cake! It is one of my most favorite desserts! Lucky you!!
LOL! Won't Scartlet quit sqauwking with in a day or so? Poor would you feel??
... he he
Ya know, if we'd all go back to horse and wagons, we'd never have to worry about car problems, drive by shootings, road rage, etc etc you agree? and life could travel a long at a slower pace!
Hope tomorrow is a bettter day for you Jenn!

11/6/08, 9:19 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

LOL. No she won't shut up. Sue is gonna put her outside in the handished and lock the door.

Horse n buggy sounds great. But I am trading my horses for some cows. And then in the spring filling the freezer with the said animals or at least one of them)
Return the hug
TTSP (this to shall pass)

11/6/08, 9:36 PM  
Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenny,

I love cheesecake! Yum,yum! I don't indulge in it too often though. Too many calories. lol.

Glad you got the moolah and put it to good use.

Ya know, I could never go into the doggie business. I would want to keep them all, and it would be too expensive to feed them all.

Have a great day.



11/7/08, 6:57 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

I didn't get the moohlah! Did I say that? LOL. I used my child support check to get the one tire but I didn't get the money from shithead yet.

11/7/08, 11:54 AM  

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