Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Quote of the day-"I don't call you handsome, sir, though I love you most dearly: far too dearly to flatter you. Don't flatter me." Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855)

Song of the day, "I would walk five hundred miles" The Proclaimers

Mood – Oddly Good – My cell phone came back to life. WOoohoooOooo


I have never been big on Thanksgiving. When I was younger I was not a big eater and even less of a big veggie eater. I really only liked a selective few members of my family (all of which were 3,000 miles away) and the ones I liked I didn't get to be around. Then as an older teenager we got to do Turkey Day with the step-family. I always tried to work and if I was not scheduled to work I would try switch a shift or call work and see if they needed me. I just was not happy on the big T. When I was younger there was the impending doom that my Grandfather had died within a close proximity to Thanksgiving and my grandmother never let him go. She grieved. And that meant a somber T day with burnt or overcooked food. When we lived near family in NY it was like… who is going to fight this year. When my mom married again it was spent with his family and the amount of people that showed up meant FIASCO time! Oh well. Down here T day has been nice. Because it has always just been us we have bought a turkey breast roast (why waste a whole bird?) And only cook the veggies we like. Sometimes we'd even cook a ham or buy a spiral cut ham to have as a secondary meat.

This year Sue felt it was important to have a bird. I was worried that in light of her heart attack a few weeks back that maybe she is feeling like this will be her last Thanksgiving. I kept looking at her yesterday as we did all the prep stuff and get all the things cooked we could. She read my mind. She said, "I just feel like it is important for the kids to know a true Thanksgiving and have a bird. That and we have extra people coming." Ok. Enough said.

Extra people being the two children I promised I wouldn't speak anymore about. They looked good and were on their best behavior. Their grandmother and her friend. Everyone got along.

The day turned out nice. We had a billion dishes of food on the table, way too many left-over's, and enough pies to make even the most athletic person go into a sugar coma. The kids were good (for the most part) and shared toys and PLAYED outside. The puppies were kept on the front porch (to their dismay) and Sue and I cooked for the most part of the morning. Everyone sat down to eat and everyone said grace.

It was in the moments of silence during Amanda's wording of grace I took a moment and prayed for someone I don't even know. I asked that he be watched over today and that all goes well in Tennessee. I was the last to say, "Amen". Amanda gave me a look but did not comment. Later when I was washing dishes and Karina was drying them, Amanda asked me to have a word with her. I stepped aside and she asked me what I was praying for. I told her that I knew someone on the internet that has one less member of this family and I said a special prayer for him. She kissed me and told me that was a nice thing to do. Sigh. Kids.

NO big news or events so to speak of. We did manage to eek out unscathed. Early to bed because of Black Friday tomorrow and we will be leaving the house at 4:15am to go and hunt a few bargains. I would like to know who decided that shopping was suppose to start at God's hour the day after you spent a week cooking and cleaning. Hummmm? I bet it was a man. Prolly the same man that invented the bra.

My deal Molly Amanda Rosebud proudly informed me that she has saved $59 and has a shopping list. I said, "You're going to get up at 3:30 am?" and she said no and giggled. She said, "You're silly. I am going to sleep in my clothes and get up when it is time to leave and brush my teeth and get in the car and sleep until we get to town." GRRRRRR. Well enough of that. I really am off to bed.

Good Night and Happy Holidays to all the bloggers I missed.


Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Thank you, Jenn.

Although we may never meet in person, we all know each other a little bit through the blogs we read, and make friends n that manner.

11/29/08, 2:26 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

your welcome.

Peculiar are the friendships we make or maintain on the internet. I have been fortunate enough to have mostly good experiences.

11/29/08, 6:59 AM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving...REALLY! I think the most fun is all the prep and giggles to go along with it. I can do without the stuffing myself part. I should have gone to your house! Would have been much more enjoyable!!

12/2/08, 5:58 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

We had a good time, WOW, it was friendly this year for a change. You and cowboy can come next year, but cowboy has to take freckles off and train him. Hee Hee.

12/2/08, 7:46 PM  

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