Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fourth picture

I have been tagged by Doc over at the Blog Sanitarium . Normally I wouldn't partake in this sort of internet spam, but I really enjoyed his post and the theory behind what he was doing. I also like 24 crayons and felt this post was in good taste. The task is to post a picture from your my pictures on your computer. Write four things about the picture and then tag four blogger buddies. I went with my fourth pic in my photobucket. While I was waiting for the page to load my heart pounded in my chest. Please let it be something clean. Please don't be a picture of Jeter or Peanut.
1)It was my favorite pic of Amanda and I. Oh the Irony. The picture was taken the day her fever shot up to 104.3 F and the doctors advised to just let it run it's course.
2)I was afraid that she was going to die that day. I think the horror of being a parent reflects well in my eyes. I think there is a certain amount of pleading there too. 3)Despite her illness Molly was such a good patient. But heck, she was a water bug (and still is) and getting dunked in the tub a lot was just fun. We had been to the ER every night that week, we'd been to the doctor every day. While sitting in the ER the last time, I ran into a DR friend of mine (Dr. Taylor) and we were discussing Molly and what was going on.

4)What I learned. You cannot eat Lima beans out of the garden. You must boil them, drain them, and then boil them to your taste. If you don't, Lima beans naturally produce arsenic. I had been poisoning my child and didn't even know it.

I loved that picture. I had it as my profile picture forever and a day. Thanks Doc. I enjoyed bringing that picture up and viewing it again. My little Molly and Me.
Now I tag, NYPINTA, WOW, Renie, and LL. And because LL want;s to be a turd, I will now tag Lady Holiday in place of him. Sigh. men. You have to pick your 4th picture in your photo album and post it and write a tidbit about it.



Blogger LL said...

*whew* Fortunately for me... I don't have a photo album.

11/25/08, 7:06 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...


Anyway, good picture, and even better story. A lesson learned.

11/25/08, 9:56 PM  
Blogger The W.O.W. factor said...

Cool picture!! Poor Molly! Nothing worse than a really sick child! Hydro once had 105.4 and was told to emerge her and top of her head in a cold bath immediately...no trip to hospital! (did take her after it lowered..)She was so sick she couldn't even scream with the chill!
You are down right gorgeous girl! Look at those eyes! Brilliant color!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jenny!
Will see what's in my photos...but probably will be something like my cut finger or of the sky...since I'm not a good shot at aiming my camera! Been under the weather, so if I'm not so sick tomorrow, I'll dig...

11/26/08, 12:45 AM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

LL - I am sure you could come up with something if you dig.

Doc- sure it is like in HS when ppl would pass chain letters around.

wow - yea, molly never screamed with the chil either but you could see the steam rising when she was put in the tub. Thanks for the compliment, lol, I've put on weight after I had LULU and hadn't taken it off, I don't know if there is enuf viewing space on the cpu for me now! Oh wait, there was a haloweeen pic but everyone missed that! It was posted tho. Oh, after that fever, Molly's eyes went from being my color blue to a green/grey cross with a brown spot. I will try to dig up a pic of her eyes. as for a pic from you, don;t pick one, take the 4th one in your photo box and post it. I took the 4th from the last.

11/26/08, 6:45 AM  
Blogger fermicat said...

I like the photo. The expressions on your faces tell the story as well as what you wrote.

11/26/08, 1:52 PM  

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