Friday, November 07, 2008

the story of "P"

Song of the day, "All summer long" -performed by Kidd Rock

Quote of the day, "When you finally get around to doing what you didn't want to do and find out that it didn't take very long to do it; then you have to stop and wonder what in the hell you were proscratinating about anyway." - Jenn Ganoe after sorting the laundry on 11/7/2008.

I did laundry on Sunday November 2nd. I would like to know where it has all come from. I have washed 4 loads now, two from my bed (lulu peed her diaper and soaked the bed and the blankets ... ugh), and two from the laundry basket in the shed. So, I went around the house and collected clothes from here and there and the bathroom hamper and everything (except the dogs blankets) are in the laundry room waiting to be washed. WtF. So, maybe I am absent minded and I did the laundry the weekend before. I don't know. But I am going to do this. I am going to do the laundry and I am going to make how many loads I did on the calender. Ha. Then I am going to sort the clean clothes tonight and set out outfits for my kids for the week. lets see how that goes. I know Lulu goes through a lot. She has to have a clean set of clothes sent to the day care every day for "accidents". But this is unreal the amount of laundry we have. I have worn three pairs of jeans this week (one pair of which I have on now) and a clean shirt every day. Clean unmentionables and clean socks. Amanda must have 20 pairs of unmentionables in the wash and 9 different outfits. Lulu has about ... two loads of outfits etc. Sue and Harry prolly have about a load (not that I seperate wash loads by person, lol, they get sorted by color) and a load of towels. Now, I know for a fact that Sue did dog blankets and towels eariler this week. I know it, I just can't remember what day she did them. And sadly it has been a poor shower week! We got baths on Su/M/W/Th (that is the kids and i, don't know when sue and harry bathed) so... ok... towels maybe. But the rest is ludicras.

Dispite my best judgment I came home this morning per sue's request. I wanted to stay in town and work on my studies. I came home and washed chloe for her trip. I then blew her dry and used the flea spray/doggie deordant on her. I fitted her harness to her and put the rabies tag on it. Then sue put her sweater on. well wait, sue helped me wash her and put the harness on her! Chloe then promptly shit on the floor. OOOOOOHHHH BAD DOG. I put all of Chloe's papers in one envelope to go to the airport and let her play some. I went to the trouble of getting her a tranquilizer and I just realized I forgot to give it to her and forgot to send it with Sue. Grrrr.

I am having to keep Scarlet seperated from the other puppies. She don't have am E-collar on like T did and the other dogs all want to sniff and lick her. But if any of them so much as look at her she goes to scraming. Ugh. She didn't sleep much last night, none of us did. Putting her in the shed didn't work. Sue ended up putting her in bed with her and then that was iffy, every time her ears got touched by the blanket she went to screaming. Scarlet is the perfect name for her as she is such a drama-qqueen. You can't even touch her where she got her shots she yells. Grrr. I should have shipped that one to Betty and not Chloe!

good grief! Did I type or what? I have an hour and ten minutes before I have to leave the house to get the kids. Brian's check did not come today. I have a 110 things to do in the next hour. TTFN

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Blogger Renie Burghardt said...


After all that, relax a bit, girl, and have a good weekend!



11/8/08, 4:43 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...


I can't find that word in my dictionary! LOL


11/8/08, 6:17 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...

Hey, I got my laundry done... along with yard work, cleaning the bathrooms, and all the other fun domestic stuff that's kept me away the last few days.

11/8/08, 7:48 PM  
Blogger JennyLu said...

Hmmmmph. I still got three loads of wash done, did enough of the yard so the neighbors don't think we abadoned the place, and did the grocery shopping. You got me beat! What is fun about domestic stuff? LOL. I am (and no offence to anyone by this statement) "DOMESTICALLY RETARDED"

11/9/08, 4:14 PM  

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