Sunday, April 18, 2010

From Eternity to Here

I had a little fun recently by merely kicking back and thinking about some of the really nifty shit I've done during my stay on this here planet. My list is by no means all-inclusive, and I highly encourage you to compile your own list. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter how big or small your items/events are, so long as they are important to YOU! Meantime, here's my list (in no particular order). Borrowed From HOLLAND's Comet. I am sure I missed a lot of stuff but these were the highlights that came to mind and as they came to mind.

Since my arrival on this sphere we call Earth on 12/23/71 yours truly...
  • Watched my first ever 20 inning baseball game on April 17th, 2010. Cardinals v Mets. Mets took it 2-1. No runs until the 19th inning.
  • Played knock knock, ditch 'em.
  • Knocked on someone's door (on a bet) and asked if Mike Cunn was there.
  • Skipped school on Senior Skip day as a freshman, sophomore, and junior.
  • Drank JD. Might have been considered an alcoholic for awhile but quit cold turkey when I found out I was pregnant.
  • Waited until I was 24 to have sex.
  • Wore black framed glasses so I wouldn't be that noticeable as pretty.
  • Was/Am shy.
  • Irish Catholic church warped my life. I did not know until recent that Christianity and Catholic were of the same religion. I was scared the Methodist Church was going to burn down by entering. It never did of course.
  • Posed for questionable photographs in HS to make money to pay the bills.
  • Raised my mother.
  • Got Bob Newhart autograph for my friend Nuite at a bathroom door at a rest area in New Baltimore, NY. Nuite was too chicken to approach him, I'd worked a double, was tired and looked like shit. The signature was on a napkin. I wonder if he still has it.
  • **UPDATE** Signature is still in existence!
  • Mom worked for the newspaper so I had back-stage passes to all the great shows of the '80's and 90's, met most of the headliners and opening acts.
  • Got kissed by one of the band members of Anthrax when I asked for his autograph during the interview process. On the lips. I just blinked my eyes and asked why he did that, he said I was the first person to ask for his autograph. Awww shucks. I told him I was a virgin and didn't do stuff like that. He laughed. But it was the truth!
  • At the Wasp, Slayer, Raven show I got caught in my first Mosh Pit circle. Some dude wearing a cowboy hat and boots, smoking a cig, snatched a bewildered me by the shoulder out of the mad rush of circle slam dancing and held me firmly by the shoulders in front of him.
  • Smoked a joint with the members of the band Black Crows when they were sitting on a curb at the rest area in New Baltimore looking all forlorn at their broke down 70's something van. I was getting off of work and saw a bunch of people sitting on the curb that looked like people I'd hang out with. Another one of those never ending shifts. I just sat down next to one of them and they were passing a joint, it came to me a few times before they even noticed I was there. we all had a great laugh on that one! I later met them the next night at the show I was covering for my mother and we had a second laugh. I did not publish the first meeting however, gotta save grace once in a while.
  • Met Metallica at the same rest area before they got Real BIG, I think it was the ...and Justice for all tour... I was pissed off about something (who me?) and stormed out the back door of the place I worked and started to punch the outside freezer. The lead singer, James Hetfield grabbed my hand in mid-swing and told me not to break that pretty little thing. First I was amazed at how big they all were, not fat just fit like big, and how short Lars Ulrich really was. I remember bursting into tears! He stood there and lectured me for a minute and I snapped out of the anger/shock and actually introduced myself. I told him I wasn't suppose to meet them until 5pm! LOL. We all got a good laugh at that. Was really uncomfortable at the actual interview because they'd already met me and saw me have a human moment...(I wasn't in control, you see, the interviewer is always in control but they had something on me)... but wrote a great piece anyway. Then had rocking seats for the show because they "upgraded" me.
  • Met Hank Rollins twice. Once when they tried to run over us with the van (us being NYPINTA and I) and the second when I was 7 months preg and waited to meet him with NYPINTA. Sigh. Then he yelled at us for being in the wrong line. We told him that the ushers downstairs had directed people in two directions! First show I had to wait to meet someone! But it was spoken word and right up my alley.
  • Got mad at Hank for using Eye Scream as the title of his book after I had shared with him a poem I wrote with the same name. Fucker, where's my cut.
  • Gave birth to first child without any Drugs.
  • Gave birth to my second child with Drugs.
  • Shot someone. On purpose.
  • Experienced a psychotic episode and almost killed the doctor that refused to do the C-section when second child got stuck. I laugh now, they had to restrain me and eventually knocked me out. I was scared to death at the time. I said, "I DID NOT CARRY THIS CHILD FOR 9 MONTHS TO LOOSE HER NOW" and meant it. All in active labor had the doctor by the throat up against a wall. Shocked really that I didn't drop the baby out, kicking and screaming as 3 men carried me to the bed and restrained me.
  • Attempted to write a book with NYPINTA before we got out of HS.
  • Still attempting to get the book right only now I've scratched 90% of what we did and am working on a new layout. Maybe one day.
  • Write bad poetry when the mood hits.
  • Fell madly in love with Jim Tome's batting style and that renewed my faith in the Cleveland Indians. The way he looked in them tight white baseball pants helped! Heh, Heh. I am human!
  • Owned the best dog ever. Jeter. Jeter after Derick Jeter and only because he wouldn't come to Tome! LOL. Brian and I were watching a NY Yankee game and it was DJ's big year. Every time they said Jeter, my puppy would look up with his ears all picked up. That was after a dozen or so names we had tried. I said, looks like he named himself. I said "Jeter" and he looked at me. So, that is how he got that name. But, I still cry thinking of his death and loosing my best friend!
  • Worked at a prison. Renewed my cussabilty.
  • Quit the prison and went back to college at 35, that sucked.
  • Finally got to see The Boss. Show rocked. I almost had heart failure at the ticket prices.
  • Got fat.
  • then Fatter.
  • Lost sight of my hopes and dreams.
  • Swore I'd never date again.
  • Swore I'd never make new friends again.
  • Met Kelly. (aka Philly) And realized that friends are cool. Well, Kelly was! I miss her so MUCH.
  • Met Jen R. Realized I was sane.
  • Ended friendship with Jen R. Realized I was sane.
  • Found my account on FB that I made up for a class at college and went to delete it but realized that I had a bunch of friend request's from people I actually KNEW! Accepted invites and joined their Mafia's for a game.
  • Became a Mafia Wars addict. But I only play the free part not the pay part. LOL. So, not that addicted!
  • Found my heart, it was hiding in Tennessee, who'd have looked there?
  • Met Doc.

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Blogger Rising Rainbow said...

Geez, Lady, you could write a book with all that stuff. There are some great stories there.

4/19/10, 7:12 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

HEY RR TY, that was what came to mind while I was typing, could have done better if I put my head to it but it is baseball season and that is a distraction!

Hey, have you heard from TW or Barb? I know you follow them! Thanks for stopping by!

4/19/10, 10:39 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...

You got high with the Black Crowes, Peggy got high with Willie Nelson. I got high with Mark Shelton. Oh well.

4/20/10, 7:27 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

thanks Doc, I was hoping you'd pick up on a different part of that post.

4/21/10, 12:37 AM  

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