Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Naked Snoopy Dance

we are home. again. finally.

Last time the kids went to Georgia to visit for a few days, when they came home, we pulled in the driveway and Amanda started to cry. Relief. 'Tweenie emotions, whatever.

When we pulled in the driveway a few hours ago it was my turn. We are home. This is where we are meant to be and I am grateful for the small deviations from home that make me appreciate it that much more. I even confessed this to Doc when we were standing on the front porch just "taking in some air". I don't confess emotions regarding crying much so tonight is just a monumental thing for me.

you have not missed much. Last friday we sat in traffice for 10 hours. I made a confession to Doc about some guilt and we got off of the interstate to use the facilities. Suddenly we were able to aquire directions to an alternative route and got home in less than two hours from there. the funny thing was, the ONLY place we made time was on I75 in downtown Atlanta. (we'd come up from Macon instead of across Fermi and Dave in case you wondering WTF we were doing downtown). I actually took that strip in 6th gear at 80. The only part of the trip prior to the change of route where I had the 6 speed in 6th gear! I think, not to preach, that God wanted me to tell Doc about my guilty feelings about skipping this semester. He showed us an alternative route. Now we just need to find a way to stay on it.

we had also dug up my Japanese Maple (pictured in other post) and planted it here. She is doing lovely I hope she continues to love her new home.

We had a dull week without the kids. Being broke does that to one. LOL. But we did take one afternoon and go to Barnes and Nobles and ...err.. browse... errr... and ... oh hell spend money we don't have to spend but WTF. Not only that but I made Doc go back on our way out of town and bought two more books. Oh darn.

Started writing again. Now that I got the source that I wanted for reference. I got 849 words typed. Should be more but my mind is racing and I've had a problem harnessing that into actual words. LOL. I have half the story wrote in my head it is getting it to computer!

Back to get the kids, I dug up a few blueberry bushes and a few of the plum tree saplings. Need to plant them tomorrow and hope they take.

Wasn't that worth the trip over here to read? LMBO. Lawrd, we lead dull lives. But the kids are home and we plan on staying here ALL DAY and not leaving. Yea, let you know if that happens. LOL.


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