Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Worry Tree

The significance of the tree falls into the Thin Spaces post. Here is the story the best I can remember.

There was a couple that had been married for 50 years. When inquired about this long marriage and long friendship, the man did not give the typical answers. He replied, "Every night when I come home I pause at the worry tree. I give the tree all of my worry's, aggravations, frets, and issues of the day. I trust the tree to keep them and give them to to Lord to help me sort out, ON MY TIME. Every morning I faithfully return to the tree and pick my worries back up. The amazing thing is that they are not so bad when I pick them back up. Having the faith that my problems can be sorted by a higher power gives me faith that my relationship with my wife and family can be in existence by our power and love and guidance of a higher power.

I was telling Doc about that story after I replanted that tree. He made the remark that the "Worry Tree" was most likely that man's "Thin Place."

Thought I would share.



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