Saturday, November 07, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging on Saturday

No picture today. Just a little story from yesterday morning.

You have all been hearing that I think that the new kitten Phineas is slightly retarded. Doc (being the good daddy he is) defends him and says he is just a kitten. Well, for the last week... Phineas has been really goofy when I get in the shower. He will stand in the back corner by the wall, his little white paws on the lip of the tub and look in.

This is where I get my silly on. Has anyone seen Shrek 2? OK, know how Puss makes them big eyes and lays his ears flat?

OK, now you got the image in your mind, just paint it white! Anyway, Phineas would peer into the shower like that. If I made eye contact with him, he would look at me with his ears up like he was thinking..."Have you lost your MIND?"

So, yesterday morning it got the best of him. He jumped in the shower with me. Initially (because of all the fur, I think) he did not spaz out. He roamed over to me and rubbed on my leg. I yelled for Doc. He made an under breath comment about shutting the bathroom door was a good way to prevent these things... Then...

The cat realized that there was something wrong. He looked up at me with a squint and accused me of a great wrong doing. He then HISSED and backed up. He tried to jump out and got stuck between the liner and shower curtain, with wet hands I assisted him on the exit.

Needless to say...He was very insulted! For the amount of time we were home yesterday he would look at me with a very pitiful look... like I had something to do with his soaking!

On Monday Alvin and Shasta go to get their sex parts removed. On Wednesday Phineas goes to get his "What are these things growing" removed. They will also be getting their claws removed (per Doc's request that his anatomy not be used as a cat toy). Hee Hee.


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