Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Giving up Yet

Song of the day "Keeper of the Stars" John Michael Montgomery

Quote of the day: "The best way to live is by not knowing what will happen at the end of the day..." Donald Barthelme - US author of sometimes surrealistic stories (1931-1989)

Metaphor of the day: "When it rains it POURS"

Hot damn what a last few weeks! I am not really sure if I am coming or going on most days. There has been a lot of issues with Lucy and that has caused me to slip painfully behind on my studies.

Then the laptop crashed. Doc bought me a new one today.

I got sick (FUGHADUCK... I vomited stomach acid and it shot out my nose and tore up my nasal passage, then I choked on the crap as I was sitting there crying at the pain from the bile shooting out my nose.) and I still have no voice. I wonder if I didn't get some of the stuff in my vocal cords. I sound like I am trying to recover from laryngitis! Oh and cry... yes indeedy! And I kept thinking over and over (as I lay my head upon the potty) "Thank You GOD that I scrubbed to toilet today!"

Lucy had a full blown violet attack yesterday. She bent my glasses all up (I was able to get them to the point I can wear them), pulled out chunks of my hair, beat up Doc's NEW car inside and outside, and the list goes on. It lasted about 2 hours.

Amanda LIED to Gram and POP while they were down here visiting. So, they naturally took the stance they didn't like DOC and left. Fine, really, bad week to come visit... hope we don't have the swine flu and we didn't pass it to them! So, Gram told me yesterday all these awful things that Doc and I are doing (like we won't let them come out of their room, make them eat things they don't like [life is tough, eat real food because your not getting hot dogs here], they are forced to talk to themselves because we don't let them out of their room, they do nothing [I'll have to remember that the next visit to the park or shopping], Doc sleeps on the couch [hmmmm... I could get vulgar there but I won't]) oh I don't know there was a laundry list of stuff Sue told me. So, I questioned Mandy on this. She admitted to making stuff up. I asked her why... SHE WANTED GRAM AND POP TO PAY HER ATTENTION AND NOT LUCY. So, it is OK to make MOM and DOC look like they are in first place for the lousiest parents in Tennessee Award. Thanks. Thanks A LOT.

I am sure there are a half a dozen things I missed that went wrong (THIS WEEK ALONE). I decided to spend two days in bed on top of all this. SIGH. Life sucks sometimes.

I sent the kids to bed with hugs and kisses at nine PM and told them to watch TV and I would shut if off later. I am sure this will translate as I whipped them and beat them and sent them to bed without blankets (when they talk to Gram again!) LOL.

You got to laugh!

OH OK, here is another one... we have had what 10 days of (torrential downpours) rain? The area we park (so the cars don't get gunked up from the tree) is tore up. I am parking by the house so we don't have anymore rutts over there. The creek this afternoon was running about half way up the banks and we are now under a flash flood warning. SIGH.

I have to get back to writing papers. Yea! I just wanted to let everyone know we are not dead... just being challenged! You most likely will not hear from me until next weekend. By then I will most likely have ANOTHER laundry list of BS rather then insightful and whitty blogging.

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Blogger fermicat said...

My God! I'd be sick too if all that stuff was going on in my life. I hope you can truly rest up and get better, but it sounds like a tall order.

Be careful about flooding. I will keep my fingers crossed that you don't have any near you.

9/27/09, 2:25 PM  
Blogger dr sardonicus said...

We live on a hill (note name of my blog). Our biggest danger is from roads washing out due to runoff. If our house were in danger of flooding, it's time to build an ark.

9/27/09, 3:38 PM  
Blogger Dr Jenn said...

*yea, note the name of his blog** that explains A LOT about my week!

9/28/09, 11:47 AM  

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