Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Joke of the day submitted by Reel Wm Fish:
Boat First Moron

Today did not start out as a good day. Song of the day and quote of the day at the end of the blog. Even though it started out as a bad day with me yelling (a lot) at the kids, it did turn out quite well. The kids did very good (after Doc left for work) and we had a peaceful after we went to the store. I guess they just had a case of cabin fever! LOL. I think I will try to find the local park tomorrow and take them out while Doc is sleeping.

On July 4th, Casey Kasem announced that it was his last countdown. This sparked a certain memory for me. When I was in 9th grade, we lived in Coeymans, NY. It was an OK area. Across the street was a girl I wanted to be friends with but she thought she out classed me. Well, ok, maybe not but we were never great friends. We were OK friends.

This was the year when the "Pet Shop Boys" were in the top ten (OUCH). I was listening to the countdown (like a good teenager) on a Saturday A.M., anyway, he announced the winner was Ronelle. The girl across the street. I went across the street and congradulated her. I asked her if I could see the album when it came (he was suppose to sign a copy of that weeks recording and send her a CD - wow- a CD... imagine that) and she told me no. I was dumbfounded. Really? A lot of kids at our school didn't know what CD's were and less had ever seen one. Here she was getting a free one and wouldn't even let me see it.

CD's were not new to me at that point. I had a "boom box" with a CD player in it and had a Bruce Springsteen CD. My CD cherry popper. LOL. Wow. Can you remember your first CD?

Also in the news this week is about CD's. CD production is on it's way out and Big Box music stores are shutting down. They are being replaced by digital downloads. Wow. Really? I plan to keep purchasing CD's. How about you?

As far as purchasing goes; I bought a notebook today at the Dollar store! I am going to start working on my writing on the side. Seeing we don't have a great connection at the house right now. I heard back from Comcast yesterday and they said that we should have our house wired by August 6th. WOOOOHOOOO. Please bear with us! I promise when I can move faster than a megabite an hour, I will get to your blogs and hopefully catch up on reading and posting. LOL. As far as pictures go... you will have to wait. I can upload pic's from the internet but loading a pic to the net takes forever!

And that is about all I got for tonight.

Song of the day: "Mary had a little lamb" submitted by LuLu

Quote of the day: " I know I'm not sexy. When I put my underwear on I can hear the Fruit-of-the-Loom guys giggling." Rodney Dangerfield (1921-2004)


Blogger fermicat said...

Love that photo. You're supposed to drink the beer while you are fishing, not on the way to the lake.

7/13/09, 8:01 PM  
Blogger Natalie said...

Dean and I just had a discussion about whether we should still buy CDs. He says no, I say yes. The collection of songs on a CD, their order, even the artwork are all apart of the experience of creating an album. I may sound old, but these days you only need a single that people want to download from iTunes. That just isn't the way it's supposed to be!

7/14/09, 3:52 PM  
Blogger Kelly said...

I love the photo, I laughed a lot. I miss seeing you. Whatcha been up to. How are the girls.

7/14/09, 4:56 PM  

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