Sunday, July 05, 2009

life on earth

Joke of the day from Kim @ Mafia Wars
"2 Dyslexic bank robbers attempted to rob the local bank today. They ran in and said " Air in the hands mother stickers this is a fu*k up!"

Song of the day: "Take me out to the ball game" 7th inning stretch theme song.

Quote of the day: "The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our adversaries are insane." Mark Twain

I had some really witty things to say tonight. I have been reading that book again. So bugged out are my thoughts on it that I came up with a perfect story for a book. Ok I drempt an idea last night but I pondered and played with the idea in my head all day. I wish I had a college ruled notebook to scratch down some thoughts on. Yea, yea, I got the voice recorder and the computer, but I need pen to paper to map things. Ya know? I am an old fashioned writer like that.

But I am off to bed. Kids are sleeping. Lulu finally stopped puking and I have tooth picks holding my eyes open! I promise, tomorrow, I will get the cat blogging picture up. It is cute. They are cleaning each other in it.


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