Thursday, May 21, 2009

Song of the day:"Band on the run" Wings

Quote of the day:"Where do bears orginatr from" Molly, Doc,"Err...mommy bears?" Me " Err... I believe they orginate from the wilderness..."

Today we are at the funeral for Mr. Fredricks, Peggy's father. I know nothing about the man and even less about the family, but everyone is handling things very well. I think the family did really well holding it together at the "wake" yesterday and I was honored to be there as support for Eric and relieved to be accepted by her family.

Bear will goto a new home up here in Illonois today. Ms Karen, a cousin to Peggy is wanting him. She seems like a really nice person and I get a good feeling from her, I think Bear will be really happy. I am a little sad though, I do love Bear and I don't really want him to go.

My feet hurt. I am not used to wearing shoes! Well, pumps anyway! I've gotten so fat, LOL, if I walk on soft ground, I might strike Oil! But no, the reality is I hurt my left foot when we were on vacation in April, and I thought it had healed, ,, until I wore the pumps yesterday for 5 hours! My foot all swelled up and wanted to hurt, grrrr, I fixed it, I took three tylenol last night then again this AM, it don't hurt to bad right now!

What else? I can't really think of anything.I need to call the house and check on things there.


Blogger Renie Burghardt said...

Hey Jenny,

I hope your feet are feeling much better by this evening!

I'm glad you found a good home for Bear.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!



5/21/09, 7:56 PM  
Blogger Natalie said...


Coming here to get my updates on Doc now. Sorry to hear about Peggy's dad, but so relieved that her family has accepted you. You two are so cute. ;)

And happy your dog found a home that is still in the family. Sort of.

5/22/09, 1:57 PM  

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