Sunday, April 05, 2009


I will be posting several post about the vacation in a day or two. This is a busy week for me as Doc did not allow me to do any homework. He was not alone in the rest and relaxiation plot as the kids and Sue also joined in on the Jenny no do nuttin but wait on us band wagon! Naw, it was not that bad! There was no wi-fi in the cabin and the server for the internet and cell phones did not receive enough signal to work in the area we stayed. However, we managed to live through it!

Brothers Cove was awsome. I will put a link up on my sidebar when I get a minute. For short term it is and please LOOK all around their web page. If you go to Pigion Forge, I would very highly recomend staying here. It is a few miles (about ten) from the Pigion Forge midway. Very quiet, very secluded and the people that work there and own it are fantastic to deal with! The rates look high but you get what your paying for and it worked out better for us (a party of 5) then staying at a hotel for the week. Ok, I will brag about BC later!

I even played an April Fools day prank on one of them! Hee Hee. I will tell you about it later!

Doc was awsome. The kids behaved. Sue behaved. I didn't.

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Blogger Michelle said...

Welcome home!

4/6/09, 7:44 PM  
Blogger Red said...

Thanks Michelle!

4/7/09, 9:13 AM  

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