Friday, May 20, 2005

just a little rain

20% chance of pm thunderstorms. well it went like this.
Wind's came in strong enough to bend the top tree branches to the groud... Molly yell's "MOMMIE the birds lost their home.. and then the big tears well in her eyes and she says I guess my kitty is gonna get dead now" so we all go and look out the window JUST in time to see the rain front move it ... which was like someone throwing buckets of water on the windows. THEN the thunder lightening and oh did I mention HAIL?

clink clink clink

Upon looking out the windows we notice the three ... not so intelligent ... horses stand statue still. We wait a few minutes... well ok, we are doing the mad dash around the house shutting windows and calling dogs in ,... turning anything and everything off... then decide to try to cohorice te horses into the barn... seeing the barn is open and they are tooo fucking stupid to move on their own... anyway it took a few minutes but they came in.

It is possible to "tiptoe between the raindrops" i did it in my mad dash to the barn. it was bizarre. like i could see this horizontal tunnel ... i got just a few drops on me. FUCKED up.

so that is what u get with a 20% chance of storms. GRRR. got to run, thundering again! blah


Blogger Spirit Of Owl said...

There's me thinking that weather was just a British obsession. ;)

Anyway, since you asked about my blog's floating owl (I like to call him Spectre), here's the lowdown on how it's done:

1) Choose a pic you want to use
2) Put it online in some webspace somewhere
3) Open up your blog's template for editing
4) Find the bit in the template stylesheet after body {} that looks a bit like this: {background: #000000;}.
5) Change the line to read this: background: #000000 url(the web address of your picture) no-repeat fixed right top;
6) Save your template and republish your blog.

I know this sounds a bit complicated... If you want to give it a go I'll try and help...

5/20/05, 6:09 PM  
Blogger LucyDDCF said...

hmm I cant get it to work. should I use the http, img, or IMG? is the pic I am trying to post as the floater

5/23/05, 2:16 PM  
Blogger NYPinTA said...

Cool! Now I have to find an image worthy!

5/23/05, 2:55 PM  

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