Monday, September 28, 2009

Good Morning

Quote of the day: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein (1879-1955) You got to love Albert Einstein's logic. Did you know he had dyslexia? I have often wondered if we are not doing math backwards; and now I think I know why!!!

Song of the day: "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems" Kenny Chesney

Metaphor of the day: Waking up in the morning is like opening a present; you never know what your going to get or how your going to react.

Now, look eee here; I just want to make a general statement (all that rubbish up there just to point out a simple fact. HMMM). How about this. Bathroom time is not social hour (or five minutes or whatever it takes.). When I am on the potty, I don't feel like ANY HUMAN should be standing in the door asking me "What cha doing?" or any other type of conversational piece that should arise. I also do not feel this is the time when the pets need to get their attention. They have 23 and a half hours of the day to vie for that. Please keep your furry body off of my lap when I am trying to go potty. And for the human's, PLEASE do not open the door a crack so the furry friends can come in. POTTY TIME IS NOT SOCIAL TIME.

Now that we have clarified that, Hello, Hi, and what is up? Is your day going ok? We are going to have a great day over here at the Sanitarium! Let's see, I have an exam tonight, Sam called in, Doc is sleeping, Lucy is being busy, the cats are wandering aimlessly around the house looking for trouble, the bird might be giving up on her eggs (she is socializing with me, which I DON'T need right this second) and I had to drop everything and run to the grocery store. Yea! ~~please note the sarcasm, it is there and I want to make sure your reading that passage with disdain ~~ Oh and I lost my coffee cup.

I was reading corrections to a paper for Eng 300. I need to buy a new grammar book. Her one statement over and over was, "Write like you talk." Well, I am doing that! She said I need to use simple short sentences. I mean, I know, I am not James Joyce... but there has to be some use of semi-colons and comma's or else the paper would be BORING. In the long run it will make me a better writer but it is kind of annoying all the same!

Off to study. Because I guess I have shot my wad. I just wanted to get it out there about the potty time!

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Blogger fermicat said...

I let the cats in the bathroom with me to forestall the crying outside the door. They don't care what you're doing and they're good company.

9/28/09, 9:48 PM  
Blogger Dr Jenn said...

i am a private pooper. bettcha Doc can't even tell you when I do it. Oh but ALVIN can!

9/28/09, 10:09 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I hear you Jenn. When I am in the facility I have at least 3. They push the door open, then climb on my lap, or rub my feet. Then beat the hell out of the toilet paper. If they dont get in I see paws stuck under the door. I think I will start doing that to them while in their litter box.

10/4/09, 5:51 AM  

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