Sunday, April 03, 2005

Water downed version of letter to self

The assignment I posted in my community was ignored by pinta (:P) but here is my wateredowned version of it. The assignment was to write a letter to yourself to be sent back in time. Please state the age of yourself when you'd receive it.
Dear lil jenn (grrr the nerve of me) Stick to your guns about joining the marines, that way you will never have to worry about falling in love and getting hurt by anything but your country. If you don't like that advice then try like hell to get into SCAD with the references from mrs H, becasue if you don't your going to spend the second half of your youth picking up the pieces to your mothers life. yea the same jack off you had to raise. Your there for her darkest hours but she f**ken bails on you in yours. You really don't like horses, they are a pain in the ass and you kick yourself in the said place every day. Oh yea, if all else fails, You are the soul survivor of the Plauge. xoxo Jennilicious.


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