Saturday, April 02, 2005

Autism - grrrr

Errr. The only "disorder" I can see that they are singling out is the fact she is semi-anti-social. Or to elaborate more... She will talk and socialize with her "chosen" either children (a few other children like 2) or like a select few adults (me, my aunt, my uncle and the 67 yr old neighbor that is friends with my uncle) . With other adults (grrr esp the dr's) she absolutly will not talk. She jibber jabbers like an infant when they talk to her. OR. and this one I absolutly will not condone... if a stranger approaches her in a store... she allows them to approach her but if they open their mouth to say something she will scream ( no one told her to do this ever but I won't tell her not to) GET AWAY FROM ME DON"T TOUCH ME< LEAVE ME ALONE! Over and over until they leave. She is extremly smart. at 6 she is doing basic math (addition and subtraction) can count to an infinity (well the thousands even but it feels like an infinity when you as the mom (and the dad seeing her dad is a two bit jack off and I get the DAD role to) have to sit there and listen to her. She reads at a 2nd to 3rd grade reading level, she can write (but poor sentence structure etc but really great spelling!) and she makes up her own stories (molly's world) which I write down in a journal for a keepsake. So other then the frustration that the school won't teach her (a kindergartner because of the sept rule) at her level or at an advanced level until 3rd grade (f-n georgia and johnson county) and she will not talk to certian individuals or take orders from certain individuals... they claim her to be autistic and will not teach her at the public school. Did I mention the fact that she installed the printer scanner fax the other day and sent the first fax? I read her the directions and poof... need ya vcr programed? (JOKING) So, in answer to your question the social disorder portion of autism is the main thing they are pulling at. I've noticed she can be "anal rentitive" about certin things being done in a certin order or placed in certian places HOWEVER she does not throw a fit if it can not be done just so, but she will inform you (batting her damn eyes the whole time...hmmm who ya think she gets that from) that it just isint how she wants it done. How bad do you think it is? I don't think she is autistic at all. (But I say that and they tell me to go see a shrink becasue I am obviously in denial! GRR)

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On a final note, I strongly urge you to read "The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime", by Mark Heddon... It's about a boy with Asperger's (an autism-related 'disorder'), written in the first person... It's a great read, and could help you to understand what goes on in your child's mind...
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