Thursday, March 31, 2005

My Hero Today

My Hero Today
By: Jenn Ganoe

Thank you momma
Her smile was sweet
I dropped a kiss upon her
And went about the day
She peeked in on me
From time to time
Or I would just stop
Drop quietly upon my knees
To creep in and be the
Unsuspecting beast
In a moment like that
In her eruption of laughter
Her eyes sparkled at me
In her little voice
Choked with hiccups
She said
Thank you momma
Thank you everyday
Thank you momma
You’re my hero today
I didn’t know what to do
I was astounded
I was mesmerized
And no one warned me
There would be moments like this
When only could you
And scarcely at that
Afraid to break the trance
I never knew
I wanted to be a hero
For anyone
Until she told me I was
And what was it
That made her say that
And what had I done
To deserve something so special
As the look of her love
Uninhibited adoration
My heart lingers in my chest
I am a hero


Blogger Henry said...

Makes me wish I could get one of those back-slapping big bear hugs my 6 year old loves to give out, right now.

4/1/05, 11:54 AM  
Blogger LucyDDCF said...

hope you went home and got that hug

4/2/05, 8:13 PM  

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