Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Purge - CC to Jenn Ganoe 3.19.05-Story Idea

Idea Date of Copyright: 03.19.05

·Ryla Lady of the Ravine
·Megan - Ryla’s changeling
·Ben of Brentwood - Will be saint Ryla’s love on 18th b-day (Megan and gargoyles are the result of that)
·Breeding of dragon/shape shifter (Ryla) to a human (Ben) Changed history as gargoyles became protectors of the "unseen" instead of a neutral protector
·Blues - Vampires - pure bloodlines
·Red’s - Dragons (city limits) - pure bloodlines
·Yellow’s - unseen’s - humans of pure bloodlines
·Brown’s - werewolves - of pure bloodlines
·Green’s - Dragons (outer limits)of pure bloodlines
·The Earth has a natural way of purging itself
·every 5000 years, the world stops turning on its axis or "holds still" on the 13th hr of the 13th full moon or what is commonly known as a blue moon
·the tide is also held in high tide
·ancient tradition for bloodlines to be kept clean "breed amongst your social class" for a reason to keep the blood lines pure
·what happens when the earth purges
·-vampires and werewolves run rampant and devour those of unclean blood
·-blondes are "unseen" because they are of pure blood for their social status
·Hitler was a former saint - a portion of his family was assassinated in the last purging hence he decided to fall from status and his whole genocide thing
·Murphy - hence murphy’s law. He was the saint where if it could go wrong it did. Many things went wrong with his sainthood such as vampires being able to penetrate his "safe house" to name one case.
·Mother Theresa check spelling - her good will in times of purging and not, she is the mother of all the sick and needy
·Mayor Juliano - need someone the reader can relate to, his bizarre antics such as cross dressing and his hero like efforts after 911 gain a countries respect
·-re-write the written word, (creativity not meaning blasphemy by any means) when people were hammered to the cross it was an offering to vampires
·-some withheld the bite of a vampire and thus the trickle down affect of magic - turning water to wine etc and common day magic
·Some residual memory of the purging is left like the saints or the dark ages / the time of king Aurthor and why there are so many varying stories of the dark ages
·most people die instantly of a vampire or werewolf bite
·when the chaotic feasting is finished the dragons swarm the cities and country sides and burn everything with their fire breath
·the only things not touched by their breath are some types of animals/mammals, the "unseen", copper topped buildings, and saints and their dwellings, other dragons, pure vampires and pure werewolves
·--some species alter in the aftermath (dinosaurs died off, horses and humans mutated or "evolved", unicorns, Pegasus, a lot of mythological or prehistoric creatures or extinct, mammoth etc
·saints are self appointed in their youth by the dragons
·they are given 2 pseudo’s to hold and a locked book. If when the dragon returns both are still in their locked boxes, then the dragon appoints the person a saint
·the saints job is to receive all the unseen’s into their dwelling as necessary (and it will be necessary due to the fact the dragons will burn everything down)ie communally known as monks, monasteries, nun’s, orphanages etc
·there is no good or evil
·Dragons make the saints dwellings bigger thru the use of magic if needed
·Dragons sleep on the roof of the dwellings until it is time for them to purge
·Play on common day things to disrupt the reader such as is it coincidence that the flight attendants look like the region your flying into
·Minor things that go over looked
·Touch on the role of Immortals. It is not that they can’t die, they can. But they have to want to die. Also. Not like the highlander stuff, if an immortal is slain and it is not their choice to die; they don’t just "live" they die as the person they were and are reborn (hence their agelessness) It is optional that they retain their memory. Most choose to and return to their live/or life style and if there is any "money" they are sure to leave a living will to an heir (which will be themselves)
·Dragon’s don’t fall in love but Ryla fall’s for Ben
·Bacd Hill Keeper of time is present in this story
·Story Line
·Ryla gives Ben the Pseudo’s on his 18th b-day and the two end up being a couple for a short time. Ryla realizes she is pregnant (not sure if the reader will know this or not) and disappears.
·Start with Ryla and a small child on an airplane flying into Southern California. Ryla feels the "pulling" to change form and is uncomfortable. Perhaps show parts of her changing and her sweating or somehow fighting for control of her shape.
·Ryla and Megan appear at Ben’s current residence. He is shocked to see her but allows her entrance. She tells him it is of great importance, does he still have the gift she gave him on his 18th birthday.
·He does. He invites Ryla and Megan to spend some time with him and has some rooms set up for them. Ben is unaware he is an immortal/green dragon.
·Re-unite their friendship. She drops the secret she holds on the future and what is expected of him and he is able to withstand it ... however he hugs her and holds her and pledges his love and allegiance to her and all the mortal stuff like he has never loved sense she left him blah blah blah
·Together Megan and Ryla train Ben to be a saint. They read to him from the book.
·Time is pressing. This has to be accomplished in a matter of days (but Ryla is able to "hold time" ie when she is training Bed to be a swordsmen
·Ryla shows Ben how to walk time and or hide in the shadows and lets her secret out, that she has walked time sense she left him and was never very far from him
·Goals to draw to ... the purging... or the apocalypse as some call it or the different phases of the great battle
·Can Ryla and Ben’s love survive pending death
·Revelation that Megan is Ben’s daughter and what that means (ie true blood he is a dragon) comes out and how Ben Deals with it
·Bacd Hill’s periodic intervening
·At some point (before Megan is born) Ryla explains her hideout on a dairy farm in Hershey PA - despite common allocations, Hershey is the world leader in Werewolf population
·L.A. is the population leader in Vampires
·Lead the characters up to the battle and through the different phases of the battle
·End... Ben walking time/ a new beginning and raising Megan.
·Ryla gets injured during the great battle and she is recovering in the sanctuary of Ben’s home with him tending to her
·Draw in on marriage vows and how they become ... thru the trials of Ben and Ryla


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