Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Slightly Annoyed with FedEx

I get slightly annoyed with FedEx I wish there was a way to demand delivery by alternative couriers like UPS! But you can't because some company's contract with one or the other or however it works. Let me tell you about FedEx. The drivers don't want to come to rual America and they find every and any way to get about it. Today's reason? Inclimate weather. Well damn, let me give you a view of outside, almost 80', Sun is shinning, slight breeze, bluer then blue sky's with a few big fluffy clouds rolling past. If this is inclimate weather, I would hate if for these drivers to have to drive in upstate NY. I can recall all to often in NY at the different dealerships I worked at, that FedEx came usually prior to UPS or even the mail or the parts trucks. *sigh* But mostly clear sunny days are inclimate conditions in Georgia! Who'd have known.


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